Rumor: Apple developing J1 and J2 Retina display iPad 3 prototypes

Rumor: Apple developing J1 and J2 Retina display iPad 3 prototypes

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes claims Apple, attempting to solve the challenge of backlighting a 2048x1536 Retina display for the next generation iPad 3, has panel suppliers working on two prototypes -- J1 and J2.

Apple is currently giving two tablet PC projects codenamed J1 and J2 to its upstream partners for development. The sources revealed that the major differences of the new tablet PCs compared to the previous model are their size, specifications and technologies.

Since the new tablet PCs have a higher resolution, Apple has demanded the design of the light source to be changed from a single LED light bar to two LED light bars on the left and right sides of the machine, but since the method of adopting two LED light bars has created difficulty in shrinking the machine's thickness, some vendors have come out with designs that only adopt one light bar, but are packing two LED chips into one package.

9to5Mac has found references to a J2 codename in iOS 5 strings, along with another, currently unknown device reference -- T39. (Start your Apple TV 3 or Apple television rumors...)

Apple has worked on multiple contending prototypes in the past, so regardless of the details, this is what we'd expect to see from Apple in the months leading up to a new device launch such as iPad 3 this spring.

Source: Digitimes, 9to5Mac,

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Rumor: Apple developing J1 and J2 Retina display iPad 3 prototypes


I love that the Galaxy Nexus is pictured on the iPads in the art. Its beautiful and yet ironic at the same time.

jumping up and down Can't wait can't wait can't wait! Its really hard to watch my husband playing games or reading on his eye catchingly bright iPad 2 screen. I look down at my iPad 1 and find myself constantly wiping the screen off thinking its just dirt that makes it look so dim and depressing. I've even considered removing the screen protector to make it look brighter. It didn't work. Hurry up Apple! I want that new iPad bad!

Not sure if serious...
My iPad 1 looks great to me! In fact, at night, it's usually too bright! The iPad 3 better have more to bring to the table than just the display.

If we're lucky it'll have 4G LTE capability, better camera system, as well as Retina Display. I can't think of anything else.
A lot of rumours say quad-core A6 but if you look at the history of the iPhone, Apple doesn't change processor architectures very often, usually every other year.

The title is misleading, Apple is not developing anything, its vetting the solutions presented by LG and Toshiba, its major display suppliers.
Just reading the title one might think that Apple actually makes the displays it uses.