Rumor: Apple Looking at LED Flash for 4th Generation iPhone?

AppleInsider is hearing that Apple is looking to acquire LED flash camera components for the 4th generation iPhone, assumed to be announced this June/July during their WWDC event, and perhaps it's iPhone touch G4 which would come later, in September:

People familiar with Apple's initiative claim the electronics maker is seeking allotments of LED camera flash components in the tens of millions for delivery during the 2010 calendar year, meaning future iPhones -- and possibly the iPod touch -- are the most likely recipients of those parts, due to their sales volume. Those same people say that Philips' Lumileds Lighting sector is believed to be the front-runner for Apple's business and may have already secured the design win.

The Amsterdam-based firm is well-regarded for its LUXEON LED camera flash technology, which was the first to combine the brightness of regular lighting with the long life and small footprint of LEDs. The technology is commonly coupled with 5+ megapixel cameras and has seen shipments of over 200 million units worldwide.

LED flash would be a competitive move for Apple, since HTC, Nokia, and other manufacturers have been delivering better and brighter versions with each iteration. Now, whether it would be incorporated into a "Glowing Apple Logo" or not remains unknown ;)

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Reader comments

Rumor: Apple Looking at LED Flash for 4th Generation iPhone?


Ideally, the flash should contain an image so bright that it results in a person seeing a negative image of the Apple logo on any blank surface for several minutes afterwords.

Ya i would like flask like the palm pre. they even have an app that lets you use the led flash as a flashlight soo coonl. and they will be getting flash 10.1 for apps and web browser. imagine watching youtube from the browser and not the app.. and i heard palm pre will have "legal" teathering direct from palm.. man we need this.. come on apple!!!! I give u til the end of this month if i dont get all this im moving on to the pre. its so much better... let the bashing begin lmao

i want a glowing apple logo so bad hah, but its not a dealbreaker if it doesnt.
all i know is the 4th gen iphone is going to be sick

That would be cool. Wouldn also be COOLER if the apple logo glowed when you have a notification? ;) i think that would be so awsome.... :'( whatta ya guys think?

Let's all get excited for something that every other phone has BEEN having and is taking apple 3 years to maybe implement on the new iphone!! I'm so overwhelmed with apple joy! :/

I hope to see a glowing logo just like the one on the macbooks. And the flash would look nice too, I guess. But I really want that logo, like when the phone is locked, it'll go away, and when the phone is unlocked and powered on, the logo can turn on. & hopefully it'll blink when there's a notification.(But that would most likely drain the battery.)
Batterys suck!

I don't want strip clubs bouncers spotting the glowing Apple logo as I'm shooting video.
Ehh... I guess I could put some black tape over it.

Honesty, they had better be putting a damn flash in the next gen phone. I seriously cannot wait for the next gen iPhone. The 3G is great, but I'm beginning to get envious of these other phones.

A logo that glowed for notifications would be useless. My iPhone is in a InCase and even if it weren't, the logo faces down. You'd never see it...

Hey what about the iPod Touch? Of course in september this Year Apple will launch à New iPod Touch with Camera. And i need à flash..

Um. If this was a feature for the NEW iPhone, (maybe the hardware and design could be a little different) this automatically will mean that new cases will be made. Implementation of the apple glowing logo will mean every case designer will leave the area uncovered, or covered by transparent films. You leave the logo facedown... ok, but wouldn't that implementation make us leave it face up? :)

I don't know how useful a glowing logo would be for me as I leave my phone face up most of the time, but it would be so darn cool. Though it would drain the battery quicker. I can't wait for the 4.0 to come out either. Should be very interesting to see what Apple has up their sleves. You know they are watching what the compitition is doing and planing a bigger step forward.

i was beginning to feel i may possibly be the sole guy whom thought about this, at the very least at present i acknowledge i'm not ridiculous :) i am going to make sure to find out more about a few various articles immediately after i get a tad of caffeine in me, it is very difficult to read without having my coffee, adios for now :)