Rumor: Apple to ship Retina display iPad 3 in March, iPad 4 in October

Rumor: Apple to ship Retina display iPad 3 in March, iPad 4 in October?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes suggests that, according to industry sources out of Taiwan, Apple will release a Retina display iPad 3 in March, then turn around and ship a more significant iPad 4 in October.

The 9.7-inch iPad 4 is expected to come with much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications so as to compete with an array of Android-, Wintel- or WoA (Windows on ARM)-based tablet PCs to be released in the fourth quarter, said the sources.

They also reaffirm the rumor that Apple will keep the iPad 2 on sale at a lower $399 price.

This is an almost identical rumor to one that made the rounds last year, with numerous sources -- including iMore -- hearing that Apple was at least toying with the idea of releasing iPad 3 in October of 2011. Whether those rumors were ultimate inaccurate, or display constraints required Apple change plans and revert to a spring 2012 release is unknown.

Likewise, whether or not there's any substance to these rumor rehashes, or an attempt to suppress iPad 3 sales with early chatter of an iPad 4 is impossible to say at this point. It does seem unlikely that Apple would release two iPads in the same retail year

Source: Digitimes

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Reader comments

Rumor: Apple to ship Retina display iPad 3 in March, iPad 4 in October


...yeah, yeah, and an Pad 5 in Sept. and then finally an iPad 6 in Dec. which all the other iPads can attach to, forming the Ultra-Pad iPad Warrior Robot!

screw the iPad, i want one of those Ultra-Pad iPad Warrior Robots !!
2 iPads within a few months, ain't gonna happen ! ipad 3 this year, iPad 4 next year !

Seriously? Are we really going to do this again??? Apple has a 1 year (or thereabouts) update policy on all electronics, and even most of their computers come close to it.
Can we please put this 2 iPads 7 months apart BS to rest?

Seriously? This is never going to happen. Every year we hear the same BS rumors, and we all know what Apple's release cycle has been. Why even bother posting this stuff? Oh yeah I forgot, without BS rumors tech blogs would cease to exist since most of them can't seem to write about ACTUAL products anymore.

By now people have figured that rumors about Apple products generate lots of page views, so we can expect a continuos stream of silly unfounded rumors like this one.

If for some reason Apple wanted to launch an iPad in October, they'd probably just delay the iPad 3 to do so much like the the iPhone. But I doubt that'll happen. I'm pretty sure the iPhone came out in October to create a six month gap. So I have a feeling March/April is where its staying at.

Has it already been a year since they were going to ship an iPad with a retina display?
Have we really run out of rumors already? Surely you should be featuring the iPhone 6 of the iPad 4 by now... Or the iTV 2.0, there's a winner....

It's a new synonym for fail. You would think a blog about Apple products would understand something about focus (one of Steve's better principles) instead of diluting their brand and sucking up to Android (nice green on the store menu) and the whole Mobile Nations thing. I think they want to be like Engadget or something.

Two iPads this year makes no sense. Unless TSMC isn't ready to mass-produce the quad-core A6 chip by spring. If Apple is really in a hurry to ship an iPad 3 without the A6, they could ship the first iPad 3 with an A5, then ship an "iPad 3S" with the A6 later in the year.
Another possibility is that Apple might shift the yearly iPad release to fall from this year on. This frees up spring for the Apple television set release, if it ends up being released in 2013. Just a wild guess here.

Really? My comment was deleted? I'm over this site anyway. It has lost its focus. Too many rumors. I want real news.