Rumor: Completely redesigned iPhone coming in fall of 2012

Rumor: Completely redesigned iPhone coming in fall of 2012?

BRG claims that sources close to Apple are telling them that the next iPhone will be released in the fall of 2012, bringing in a completely new design with an all-aluminium back.

We have also learned that Apple is planning to use a rubber or plastic material — similar to the material used in the company’s bumper cases — that will be built into the new iPhone case. In all likelihood, this material will be used as a bezel surrounding the front edge of the phone (like the iPhone 3GS bezel) and it will serve two purposes. First, it will join the glass iPhone face with a new aluminum back plate. It will also cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device, allowing Apple to build the rear case out of aluminum without having to use a large plastic insert above the antennas as the company does on its iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

While BGR has had solid Apple information in the past, they've recently been far more miss than hit, especially where new iPhone models and releases have been concerned. However, it does make sense for Apple to stick to a new fall release cycle for the iPhone given the iPhone 4S release changeover earlier this year, and the need for a strong, fall, hero device now that iPod has declined.

Source: BGR

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Reader comments

Rumor: Completely redesigned iPhone coming in fall of 2012


Hmmm.... fall 2012... roughly 20 months after the Verizon iPhone4 came out and people will be eligible to renew contracts & upgrade... seems to me I've floated that speculation myself a time or three :D

I wouldn't factor Verizon into the equation at all - or any one carrier for that matter. Think about how many carriers the iPhone is on worldwide.

What? Since when has BGR been right? I can't believe blogs are actually publishing this from them. They just copy/paste the same stories with minor tweaks in hope to get a hit. It's all bull -- they're never right. They're a horrible news outlet that shouldn't have any rep what-so-ever
/end rant
I do hope it is true though. I love the hardware of my iPad and seeing it in a smaller form would be awesome.

Agree--BGR hasn't been that reliable when it has come to this kind of news. I just hope TiPb doesn't become reliant on BGR for all its news or else it's going to lose its reputation as a reliable news source.

IIRC BGR used to have a pretty good track record, but they were wrong at every turn on this cycle. 9to5mac had all the good scoops this year, the only rumors I'll take at all seriously will be from them.

I realize this is likely a scaled down/photoshopped image, but the missing flash lends to more of a miss than a hit...

Yes and it's also fake. Its an old mockup (which is actually quite obviously fake and bad). Don't expect a real image of the next iPhone until Apple announces it.

I bought my 4S launch weekend just like all the rest of my iPhones, and I will buy this one the same time. With this phone coming out later than usual, and AT&T not giving the early adopters to people like they have in the past. This next phone may be the first one that I actually have to pay full price for. Or at least AT&Ts discounted price for. I've always made at least $100 selling my old iPhone. So I don't care what they do.

I am not a fan of going backwards to aluminum backing on the iPhone 5. It honestly makes me think were going back to the OG iPhone 1, just without the black plastic bottom.
Apple might want to stay in the eye candy department (keeping it clean looking with glass or clear rubber backing), and make it a 4 inch screen iPhone 5, with the Apple logo that flashes when there is a message.

Can u name any sites that have been right about apple? Not even these so called industry analysts have come close! It just shows that people likes to speculate than do research!

Photo is sooo fake; it's hardly worth a bothering about! It's a stretched out iPad with a few alterations- oooh they're doing their new iPhone 5 with no flash! Come on now...

to all the people saying the image is a fake, it is. they never say its a leaked image of the new iphone, its a shop of what they think itll look like. It pretty much just looks like a scaled down ipad back