Foxconn leak claims Apple is readying iPhone 5 production for summer launch

Rumor: Foxconn says Apple ready for iPhone 5 production for summer launch

Seth Weintraub from 9to5Mac has a source within Foxconn that claims Apple is readying the iPhone 5 -- as it's apparently being called -- for production in time for a summer release. The leak also claims:

  • 4+ inch display (made by LG on at least one of them)
  • No teardrop-shaped devices as were rumored in the lead up to the iPhone 4S. Samples so far have been >- symmetrical in thickness. Also longer/wider.
  • None of the sample devices have the iPhone 4/4S form factor
  • None of the devices are final versions

Given Apple has already re-used the iPhone 4 form factor for the iPhone 4S, it makes sense they wouldn't revisit it again for the iPhone 5. Likewise, the oft-rumored teardrop form-factor, while seen in other devices, doesn't really seem to fit within Apple's existing iOS device design language.

Again, no word on 4G LTE network connectivity, which while increasingly common in the U.S. still isn't widespread internationally.

However, since none none of these devices were considered the final version, and since Apple can and will make changes well into the production cycle, it's best to take everything with a 4-inch grain of salt.

We'll find out for sure when Phil Schiller holds it up on stage. Or someone leaves it in a bar...

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Reader comments

Foxconn leak claims Apple is readying iPhone 5 production for summer launch


Im loving my jailbroken 4s with os7:revive theme. So it looks like windows phones, but with all the apps, Siri, and hardware of an iPhone. I'm completely satisfied :)

Looks like Windows? Just get the real thing and LTE, IPHONE 4S is not even up to curent specs of the new windows phones..

I think it's more likely to be something to compete with the Kindle fire.
So perhaps an iPad nano?

I can't upgrade til Sept so they can wait for all I care, I'd prefer it, that way I won't have to deal with months and months of envy.

Looks like a photoshopped iPad 2. Also, I wouldn't count on an iPhone 5 until the end of the year at the earliest.

I don't think another new iPhone will be released until the third or forth quarter of this year. Anything earlier falls outside the logic used by Apple. Time will tell, but here's my plug nickle's worth.

I just upgraded to my 4S in Nov.2011 so on that note -- sucks for me i won't have an upgrade avail to burn. BUT i'm super excited to see the possible new form factor the iphone 5 will have !! Absolutely psyched for this release when the time comes :D

If everyone else is making 4" + screens, Apple will have to do this also to compete. With better thinner cameras, it is possible to have a thinner design. I would think fall, but who knows, Apple my want to get back on their orriginal release timeline. What about the iPod Touch? I believe Apple will stop it a some point. People have talked about iPod Touch with 3G, why not just get the iPhone.

compare the ipad 3g's data plans price to a full phone/internet plan with Verizon or At&t and you'll answer this question for yourself.

Speaking of ipod touch this thing resembles it way to closely along with the 3gs which I wouldn't want anything to do with. The new phone needs to be nicer than the 4s. Thank goodness it's some protopic.

did anyone see the interview where they asked tim cook about 4" screens and if they would appear on an iphone - response being along the lines of "people seem to like what we already have" is a twist on the don't fix if it ain't broke. i'm in the minority in that i don't want to see larger phones from appl because i can't stand the thought of needing 2 hands like every droid x user out there for those floor tile "phones". ugh. make one like the mock-up above with a faster processor, better camera, updated ios and apps and i'll be happy.

Some of us Men have hands that arent like little girl hands! 4" screen is good for us. We are used to holding bigger things..

4 inches isn't big at all. It's pretty average... for a screen. I was able to use a Samsung Galaxy S II and the LG Thrill with one hand. The iPhone's screen is tiny though, and my hands aren't even huge, they're pretty normal.

How is it that a "4+ inch display" ALWAYS makes it in to the "leaks". It seems that with every iPhone leak since the 3GS, the next gen iPhone WILL have a 4+ inch display.
flag thrown
BS on the play. 5 yard penalty. Repeat 3rd down.

Blah Blah Blah, Tired of Apple and their strangle hold on design as well as ios.. They wait for every other innovation to come out then tweak it 4 months later. LTE is here now and its not innovations a year later.. retina screen? its so small you kill your eyes away. No dnla now media streaming except to an apple device? Antitrust laws only apply to MS.. I am done, March 18th I will welcome my new Nokia 900 and be ditching my obsolete iphone 4

Why are people still calling this the "iPhone 5?" It's the 6th generation device, so it should be called the iPhone 6 before it's called the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 wasn't the iPhone 3 (the 3G and 3Gs had the same design like the 4 and the 4s), so I doubt this is going to be the iPhone 5.

Hopefully they can make a separate CDMA + LTE model for Verizon and Sprint, and have a GSM, EDGE, pentaband HSPA+ (21 Mbps), and LTE (for AT&T) version for AT&T and T-Mobile. If Samsung can put out a pentaband HSPA+ phone, I know Apple (and its manufacturers) can, there's no excuse, especially since it's coming so long after the Galaxy Nexus.

Holy crap man, drop the "grain of Salt" bs already.. It's been made clear to you in the past that a grain of salt comment means little to nothing... 4in 7in 9.7inch means a lot man, just write an article and stop mis-using puns...

It's good but it's not right! Fake, fake and did you notice it's fake? Love "iMore" but why oh why do they bother posting this šhį¥ē? Does everyone have their eyes shut? Look at the photographs! Okay, credit to the muppet that has spent time mocking this garbage up.

LOL you should probably calm down. Nowhere in the article does it say that this is the actual phone, this is just a rendering of an artist's depiction so they have a photo for the story.

We'd expect a metal back this time. But we set the over/under at 3.8" for the screen diagonal, and we'll take the under.
Apple could increase the screen size to 3.8" without changing the external dimensions much if at all. They could do that by eliminating the border around the LCD panel, making it flush with the edge of the glass. We set the over/under on the height and width increase at 5mm, and again we'll take the under.