Rumor: iPhone OS 2.2 Only 10 Days Away? Nov 21 Release? (via Macrumors) is claiming their sources are claiming that iPhone OS 2.2 is a mere 10 days away, set to drop on November 21st. Nobody outside a very few at Apple -- and maybe the carriers -- know for certain, however, so take this news with a Jobsian-sized grain of salt.

To round up the 2.2 beta features so far (which may or may not make it into the final release, along with whatever secret surprises Apple may have in store):

Still no word on Push Notification Services (which were dropped from 2.1 and are reportedly still not ready for prime-time), cut and paste, video, turn-by-turn GPS, MMS, Flash, or any of the other hundred or so things people are desperate to see added. Seems Apple is still focusing on what others can add (i.e. Google), and what they can get the most out of in the shortest release cycles. (Joz's famous "priorities").

Think this info is legit? Are we getting 2.2 in 10 days? Any secret features we don't know about yet? What do you think?

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Rumor: iPhone OS 2.2 Only 10 Days Away? Nov 21 Release?


Adobe Max Developer Conference is Nov. 16 - 19, maybe during the keynote they announce a surprise? Flash on iPhone? It's in San Francisco at the Moscone Center not to far from Apple. Maybe????

cut and paste, turn-by-turn GPS, MMS, Flash. Or 100s of other things that a multitude of other phones have had for generations.

bigdeal: Did you just copy paste that line from the article?
I believe that push is included if it works flawlessly. And if it does not it's out. It might be so that Apple has secretely been working on push in 2.2(.someting) without the majority of devs knowing about it.. but it would be wiser to make push open the the entire dev community while testing it. So it's probably out.

I really hope that those aren't the only features 2.2 is gonna have, regardless of when it comes out. I don't see any game-changing features (copy/paste, etc.) that iPhone users have been pleading for. Street view? Still not completely sure how useful that is. Like Google Earth, it's a beautiful app. that is great for showing off to friends/family, but is it functional/practical? In the case of Google Earth (which I've actually used), I'd say no. Google maps with GPS is far more useful. I hope there's more to Street View than it's looks.

The date is a logical choice, since it would allow Apple to start airing "street view" ads in time for Thanksgiving, and the start of the Christmas shopping season.
Personally streetview is cute but as a pedestrian and cyclist, I'm much happier to hear about walking and public transit directions. May the maps app never again tell me to bike downtown using the interstate!
Cut & Paste would be sweet too, and Push even better. Ican see C&P in the release, but not push, for the reasons #3 mentions.

I recommend that anyone who has this much time to waste worrying about what a phone will or won't have; what other phones do or don't do, needs to get out more and talk to some real people, go to a movie, etc.

"needs to get out more"
"and talk to some real people"
"go to a movie"
I'll prolly work out today.
Now can we go back to getting on your nerves? It's so much more fun. :-)

All seems nice, but how about apple but there efforts into something besides "Chrome"... i.e. looks fancy, but what real purpose does it have.
For the iPhone to really take off (IMO) it needs to be more than an phone with a fancy interface. Don't get me wrong, I really like me iPhone, but it really needs improvement in some basic things:
1) The Calendar App need a lot of work in improving the functionality, and user interface. Adding an item takes way too many steps. It needs to incorporate real catigories, and not the cumbersome multiple calendar workaround. How about a "snooze" feature??
2) MMS... I know I can e-mail photos, but 95% of the people I know do not have smartphones, and use MMS to send stuff
3) Voice dial built in. My old Motorola V710 had this feature.
4) General UI improvements... like deleting text messages, why can you have check boxes and then delete all checked??
5) Task list linked to the Calendar App
6) Open up more features to developers, like the databases. Stop being so parinoid about someone stealing someting.
The phone has enough "chrome"...

While I agree with you in principal - I was just saying...
I have lost of gadgets - it's my job - but I can't get over the fact that the world (at least the US) is about to implode, and still millions of people worry about this stuff!
All in good fun - if this IS your biggest worry, I want YOUR life ;)

No, you're right, I have seen the error of my ways. We need to change the name of this blog from "the iPhone blog" to "the World Hunger, Suffering and Relief Blog.". Everyone: stop talking about the iPhone and start talking about the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

@ Tunnelrunner
I agree, I think Apple needs to really come out with some better features than street view and direct OTA podcast support. I feel these minor features are ridiculous to most users who would prefer copy+paste, flash, background notifications, push email, etc. When will Apple put out those features is the real question.

A secret feature I would like to see (maybe not in 2.2, though) is full Bluetooth capabilty, complete with file transfer. Beats me why that is not activated on the iPhone. Silly that I have to email myself my own files I want to open on my phone or use WiFi syncing. Apple, get real.

Cut, copy and paste on a phone with email capability is beyond fundamental. I absolutely love my iPhone and have become one of those people that spreads the good word but how we can not have something a simple as cut copy paste still is beyond my comprehension. I'm hoping it is part of this update.
Also landscape keyboard for email and text should be supported (not with an app). While Im sure street view will look really cool and nifty and help sell more units I would love a native Google Reader app.
Im excited for the podcast OTA download... its one step closer to my iPhone being locked and loaded to join me on my morning commute.

First of all I love my iphone, but come on who cares about Google street view or the App store rating upon deletion. Like everyone else that posted earlier, lets get the fundamentals like copy/paste, MMS, task list, etc. These are the things that I think people truly use on a daily basis.

I agree with Jozsoo re Bluetooth. I can use my Scalla 500 Bluetooth headset hands free to answer calls while driving but would like to have voice dialing as I used to have with my Blackberry Pearl.
In many Canadian provinces including Ontario hands-free will be mandatory for cell phone use in cars.

Still holding out on buying an iphone because it lacks the capability to MMS and it's not bluetooth 2.0. I love to listen to music or talk on the phone while it is on my pocket. Does anyone know if there is an upgrade coming for the iphone? Don't care much for apple's bluetooth either.

  1. Finder-iDisk (store,view,EMAIL) sync desktop, mobileme etc.
  2. Contacts EMAIL (vcard send recieve)
  3. Open up calendar to 3rd party! (omifocus, things, todo, etc)

Basics! I know 1&2 have 3rd party options cause I own a few. Apple needs to step in and make them proper so that a professional can depend on them.

oh ya SEARCH EMail! And a "Home" button at bottom of email app to jump back to the "top" or your accounts list page.

Blackberry Connect. Not something I'd personally use, but a feature which would truly put the iPhone into the enterprise!

I don't think Cut/Paste will be included in 2.2.
I agree that 'Street View' is going to be a waste of time and pretty pointless.
The MMS issue is very divided with users but I would like to see it inplemented in my iPhone 3G.
If you didn't already know you can send Apple your ideas and complaints about the iPhone at:

I have to say so far I don't see anything excited about 2.2 yet. Who cares for street view it does not work everywhere yet to begin with. Also rating deletion? Come on we need functionality!

I am a recent iPhone hater turned believer. iPhone really delivers in almost ever regard... BUT. There are some truly simple things missing that still leave me dumbfounded, most of which have been mentioned here:
Video Recorded
But the one thing I truly miss the most is having the ability to record all outgoing and incoming phone calls. Unfortunately because Apple apparently limits third party access to the phone application this may never become a reality. This may not seem like a useful feature to most people but I will swear by it to the grave.

iPhone OS 2.2 Only 10 Days Away? ... oohhh i'm so excited i nearly wet my pants. WHO F'ING CARES!