Rumor: .Mac Coming to iPhone 2.0?


No sooner did our own Chad Garette lay out the case for .Mac syncing via the iPhone, then iPhone Alley, (via TUAW), brings word that El Jobso might be doing just that:

In the just released SDK beta 2, iPhone Alley found a string within a preference bundle that reads: "Syncing with this Dot Mac account will turn off syncing for other Dot Mac accounts and delete any existing synced data." This suggests the possibility of wireless syncing for non-Exchange users.

This would be awesome additional functionality for both the iPhone and for .Mac. 2.0 really can't come fast enough.

And note to Chad: How about an article on why the iPhone really needs immediate release in Canada? Please? :)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Rumor: .Mac Coming to iPhone 2.0?


I hope so. iPhone needs wireless syncing like yesterday. I do wonder why they haven't come up with a simple, local BT sync (iSync etc) but I suppose the vertical integration thing is very Apple (and it does have major advantages over local syncing - off-site back-up, sharing, no need for local pairing etc). Downside of course (from the user's POV!): $100 pa.

I think one thing that Apple does is to deliver a certain amount of fit and finish, and if that means leaving out features like BT sync, A2DP, etc. because it doesn't live up to the Jobsian perfection, they leave it out for a future rev.
This is different from Windows where they'll get it wrong in v1, okay in v2, and start killing in v3. Apple will just wait 3 years before putting it out*
(*general rule, there are always exceptions...)

While I've always thought the negatives of A2DP, at least as a way of connecting headphones, greatly outweigh the positives, BT PIM syncing is really very useful. Its omission would be forgiven completely though if they came up with full-feature local Wifi syncing - sync everything that's synced now using the cable, but wirelessly. Could even be automatic (happens as soon as you're within range of the local network)?

Rene: Apple needs to settle that iPhone patent thingy before it comes to Canada! Blame your Canadian brothers for this one!

I think the Cisco trademark in the US was a much bigger deal, no? And Apple plowed ahead.
I still blame Rogers and their ridiculous rates which basically make it an EDGE-free device here :(
Either way, I have learned not to under-estimate your powers!