Rumor: Potential details on 2012 iPad 3, iPhone 5

Rumor: Potential details on 2012 iPad 3, iPhone 5

iLounge claims their most solid of sources has given them details about the next generation iPad 3, iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) and MacBooks for 2012. Highlights include:

  • Thicker, higher res display iPad for spring.
  • 4-inch screen, aluminum-backed, non-tear-drop shaped iPhone for summer.
  • Thinner MacBooks for 2012.

TiPb's been hearing about iPad 3 almost since iPad 2 was released, and nothing much has changed -- Apple needs to be able to source Retina displays -- 2048 x 1536 -- in sufficient quantity, at low enough prices to make it work. If lighting those suckers takes additional LED elements, and that makes them thicker, well Apple will have to forgo the usual "thinnest ever" Keynote bullet point next year.

Last we heard, the next iPhone was more fall than summer but this far out things can and will change, change back, and change again. Apple is likely -- as usual - testing several prototypes and things should get clearer closer to launch, be it at WWDC 2012 or the Special Fall Event 2012.

And boy would a 15-inch MacBook Air be nice... As long as we're playing Amercia's Next Top Rumor, feel free to chime in with your own predictions. What do you want your next iOS device to look like?

Source: iLounge

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There are 29 comments. Add yours.

Alex Harker says:

I've been dying for them to get back to an aluminum backing ever since they went to plastic for the iPhone 3G.

AnonymousUser says:

I actually prefer the the squared iPhone design as apposed to the rounded contoured iPhone's (2G, 3G, 3GS).
I love my iPhone 4, and the glass backing makes it look even more professional. I couldn't use an iPhone again that looks strikingly similar to like an iPod instead.
Perhaps Apple should just make the back a changable plate that allows it to be either glass, clear plastic, aluminum, designed, etc.

MacHarborGuy says:

the original iPhone 4 prototype apparently had a case that made it look like a 3G. I wonder why we haven't seen many of those cases available

PuhleaseW says:

Yes.. all you need to do is buy an iphone 4(s), and you'll look professional. If you want that chick, buy an iphone 4.... want to be COOL, buy and IPHONE 4! There's an app for that, a solution for everything! 2012 will be here, and finally Kali Yugra will end. Thank god.

tail24 says:

iPhone nano watch, all talking done through earbuds or Bluetooth

Brad Morris says:

I would like a relatively clean home screen. I would like the phone, e-mail, Safari and iPod icons at the bottom. I'd like to have the time, the temperature, a small weatherman of my current area, and a stock ticker. Basically home screen widgets. Then I'd like to have enough room below that to be able to plop down my top 6 or 8 apps. Very simple.

Jessica Ramos Edholm says:

widgets huh?? careful now...someone might mistake you for an android lover...

MacHarborGuy says:

honestly, i don't care if a feature is new, or is old and comes from someplace else. anything that keeps making the phone I own better is a-okay in my eyes

Glacy427 says:

It's going to be iPhone 6, not 5

Tz616379 says:

No it won't. That makes the 5 non-existent. They'll most likely just drop the numbers altogether and just call it "iPhone".

Arin Failing says:

what?... the iPhone 4S is technically the iPhone 5. It is the 5th generation iPhone

MacHarborGuy says:

Yep, Apple's numbering has been weird...
iPhone - 1st Gen
iPhone 3G - 2nd gen, first to have 3G service
iPhone 3G[s] - 3rd gen, updated version of the 3G
iPhone 4 - 4th gen
iPhone 4[s] - 5th gen, updated version of the 4
The next iPhone will be the sixth generation iPhone, so it would either be called the iPhone 6, iPhone 4G or iPhone 4G[s]

Jtshurtleff says:

I think it'll be the 4G[s] and will look different, have 1GB of RAM and likely a 1.2 or greater dual or quad (if they make it that far) core processor. Definitely LTE as well.

fastlane says:

"No it won't. That makes the 5 non-existent."

You mean like the iPhone 2 was non-existent? Try again.

Jessica Ramos Edholm says:

I have a first gen iPad. Ask me how bad I want that iPad 3!

Jessica Ramos Edholm says:

I have a first gen iPad. Ask me how bad I want that iPad 3!

fastlane says:

I don't care if the next iPhone only has the back glass replaced, and nothing else changes. Just give me the iPhone I have now with no glass on back.

MacHarborGuy says:

I replaced the glass back of mine with a brushed metal one

Jtneil says:

Don't you put it in a protective case?

fastlane says:

I don't care if the next iPhone only has the back glass replaced, and nothing else changes. Just give me the iPhone I have now with no glass on back.

Michael Scott Allen says:

Can't go a year with the same phone?
First world problems... You disgust me.

Jtshurtleff says:

It's not like he's serious. Calm down. People like you who view the world as a bunch of ungrateful people disgust me. Grow up a little he/she was being fececious.

RodneyJ725 says:

extra battery or not, i'm quite sure apple will not go with a "thicker" iPad, even if it does not get thinner. Going "backwards" is not what Apple does.

A985W says:

Yeah! He got really worked up there! Calm down!

Anmol Jain says:

what exactly is tear-drop design defintion??

Sdstren says:

I'd like to see a midsize ipad - bigger than an ipod but smaller than 10.1...something i could toss in my purse.

MAC Error says:

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