Rumored Samsung smartwatch may connect to the iPhone 5

If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is about to get into the smartwatch space this week at the IFA 2013 conference in Berlin. Images have just leaked out of what may be a prototype of the device, but a new report suggests that it may actually connect to the iPhone 5. Giga OM's Om Malik:

"A source adds that the soon to be launched Samsung SmartWatch has no built in browser and uses the latest 4.3 version of Android, with keyboard features turned off. The watch comes built in with Bluetooth LE and that means it can work with phone with Bluetooth LE, including the iPhone 5 and other Android devices. The watch can be used for phone calls as well."

Bluetooth LE alone doesn't necessarily mean iPhone support, but the fact this source is hinting it may be a thing means we're at least interested. It's actually something we joked about just last week on the Android Central podcast, but if Samsung is serious about this product, supporting outside of its own Galaxy line of smartphones is possibly the best move they could make. Any iPhone support would likely be less feature packed than using the watch with a Galaxy phone, or perhaps any other Android phone, but it would still be a bold move.

A move we wouldn't expect Apple to necessarily reciprocate should the oft-rumored iWatch ever come to market. We're on the ground in Berlin all week with Android Central, so we'll know for sure soon enough.

Are you sold on the idea of a smartwatch yet? Would you ever consider one from Samsung if it hooked into your iPhone?

Source: GigaOM, VentureBeat, Android Central

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Rumored Samsung smartwatch may connect to the iPhone 5


Sammy can't be more fantastic with clean line and design. His ability to watch before the fruit proves that the doer from the east leads the pace. Next year will behold the Smart Ring by The Goog and Sammy will be the partner. Glass is the purpose distractor to build a patent crop, to own the farm, not harvest edible crop.

Samsung and Apple are competitors, they're also enemies, so I don't think they'll actually say that it can connect to the iPhone when they introduce it. I think they'll just tell us that it has bluetooth and can connect to multiple devices.

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The idea that Apple and Samsung are 'enemies' is a product of marketing fluff. They are competitors in the same market. The idea is to benefit from the other in an amount greater than they suffer from the other. If Samsung can sell a device to iPhone users, they will. It's a very desirable customer for many reasons. Customers=customers. They don't say 'we not sell to Apple users cause Apple user is bad, hipster, zombie Apple lover'. They say 'we sell to Apple users, Windows 8 phone users, blackberry users, Motorola flip users.' Customers=$$$

You make a good point there. If they say: 'we sell to Apple users, Windows 8 phone users, blackberry users, Motorola flip users' (like you said), its appealing to all of those users. Which makes them buy Samsung's products.

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I find the idea of a smart watch interesting but I'm not going to buy one. At my job wearing any kind of watch is a bad idea as it will get scratched at best or broken at worst. As a geek I of course enjoy seeing new technology but I am kind of bummed I won't be getting one.

Gotta think you are just a contrary disbeliever of Samsung. Watches were invented for soldiers in the wars, so if your jobs are less destructive than a ground war then you Fibonacci.

First, Sammy just released one for the sake of saying I did it before Apple!

Sammy, however, is gonna wait for Apple to release theirs so Sammy can copy their design.

With all said, Google and Samsung wouldn't be alive if they didn't connect their lousy hardware / software craps to iDevices to make a living.

The real $$ is with Apple and people who use them.

Those who buy Android, they just do it because it's damn cheap. They don't care what the device is or is not capable of as long as they can walk around thinking they own a smartphone!