Rutledge Edition BookBook offers a unique look for your MacBook

Rutledge Edition BookBook by offers a unique look for your MacBook

Twelve South has announced the Rutledge BookBook, a new edition of their popular BookBook MacBook cases that promises to be different to each customer. Like the original BookBook, the Rutledge protects your MacBook with hardback covers wrapped in leather. Each Rutledge is crafted from premium leather, and Twelve South says that each cover is unique, due to the new process they use to finish the leather. The Rutledge BookBook is available for all of Apple's most recent MacBook models, according to Twelve South:

BookBook Rutledge Edition is the most distinctive version of our unique BookBook family. The Rutledge is tailored from premium leather and each mesmerizing cover is a unique work of art. No two look exactly alike. Like our other BookBook models, this beauty features two hardback covers, a rigid spine and a velvety soft padded interior to protect your MacBook. While the case protects your MacBook, the design protects your unique sense of style. The Rutledge Edition is available for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The BookBook Rutledge Edition is available now from Twelve South for $99.99. Will you be picking one up? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Twelve South

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Reader comments

Rutledge Edition BookBook offers a unique look for your MacBook


First off, some people like the vintage look, and the shock value of unzipping what looks like an old book only to reveal a computer inside. Secondly, it's camouflage - Twelve South has gotten back testimonials from their customers who say they've been robbed but the computer is overlooked because it looks like an old book.

Look, not every case is going to appeal to every person. Twelve South's BookBook is just another option for people to consider, but it's not right for everyone.

Thanks for making this comment. Nothing ticks me off more than a troll making some ignorant comment just because he/she does not personally like it.