Samsung Galaxy S5 got you giving up on Android? Here's how to switch to iPhone!

Samsung Galaxy S5 got you giving up on Android? Here's how to switch to iPhone!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great phone that'll no doubt appeal to a great many people. But nothing appeals to everyone, and that's okay because there are a ton of amazing options to be had, including the iPhone 5s. Whether you left iPhone to go Android and are now desperate to come back, or if the Galaxy S5 was finally enough to drive you to iPhone for the first time, it's easy to make the switch.

Thanks to the great App Store apps, the iPhone is almost as a good a Google phone as Android, but also comes with iOS 7 and Apple's amazing mobile apps, as well as Microsoft's apps and just about all the other very best apps you can imagine.

If you're ready to return the Galaxy S5 and get going with the iPhone, here's everything you need to know!

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Samsung Galaxy S5 got you giving up on Android? Here's how to switch to iPhone!


But there are so many other great Androids besides just the s5! Anyway hopefully this article helps some people. I know if I ever decide to make the switch the first place I am going to come for help is iMore!


Own a nexus 5, I love it. Nice to get updates the day they come out :)

Plus check out Aviate launcher. Best experience on any phone I've ever owned.

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I have a Nexus 5 as well. I like it a lot better than the Nexus 4, but I still wish it had a better camera. I like the HTC One as well.

I'm slowly adapting to the iPhone. It does the job. Can't wait to see what ios8 and the iPhone 6 brings us besides possible size .

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Samsungs touchwiz is the absolutely worst UI experience I've ever had to deal with. Vanilla Android or (my favorite) HTCs sense.

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Had a brief look at a friend's S5 today. Better build quality than the S4, plus some kind of TouchID-like fingerprint swipe detector on the back that she hadn't activated. But the "eye detector" is a gimmick. (Prevents the screen from turning off if it thinks you're looking at it.)

Agree with Hollyw0od. Ghastly UI design. Looks like a bad cartoon. In fact, it looks a whole lot like a Tizen prototype I briefly got my hands on recently. Coincidence? I don't think so.

And yes, it's waaaay to big to fit into my Levi's 501's left front pocket. I tried it. Fine when standing up, impossible when sitting down. If Apple does release 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone "6" models, I'll be getting the 4.7".

Lol clearly you didn't actually use the s5 or just plain reading anything as it has no finger print sensor on the back to be activated.

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That's a heart rate monitor on the back of the S5 (something I doubt I'd ever need on my phone), not a fingerprint reader.

The S5's fingerprint reader is actually in the home button, similarly to the 5S but it works much differently; unlike the 5S, you have to swipe straight downward on it and you need both hands to do it (holding the S5 with one hand and swiping your thumb or finger with the other).

Personally I like the iPhone 5S's implementation much better, where you can just lay your thumb or finger on it at any angle to unlock it.

The nice thing about the S5's fingerprint reader, tho, is that it's more versatile and can be used for different apps e.g. PayPal to verify your identity for a more secure transaction (I'm not sure if I trust it just yet).

I have my doubts as to the security of Samsung's fingerprint reader (Samsung claims that your fingerprint never leaves the phone, similarly to the 5S) and I wonder how long it'll take before someone finds a way to hack into it, but it does look interesting and I'm cautiously optimistic about the tech behind it.

I recently came back to iOS and got an unlocked 5S after nearly two years on Android. After all the issues I had with my Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 4, and not being able to find any other current Android devices that I wanted, I just gave up and defaulted back to the iPhone. My 5S's camera and battery life won me over so I decided to keep it and not return it.

I've had this 5S for 2 months now and there are 2 things that really drive me nuts about it and iOS: the screen size/narrowness and the lack of a Swype/SwiftKey-type gesture keyboard. The screen size is obviously a hardware issue and has nothing to do with iOS but if Apple would just give us some sort of functional equivalent to Swype or SwiftKey, it would make iOS a near-perfect OS for me.

I'd also like Apple to add more sharing options between apps, and be able to set my own custom default apps (I'm not counting on them adding it). But I can live with iOS for now. The 7.1 update fixed the performance issues I was having with it.

When the Galaxy S5 came out I was tempted to buy it because I really, REALLY like the big screen on it. But I just couldn't bring myself to buy it because I can't stand all that bloatware. I flat out refuse to buy a locked carrier phone. That's what drew me to the Nexus phones in the first place.

I like the hardware of the S5 (much better hardware than my Nexus 4!), but I just don't want to deal with TouchWiz and all that bloat. If they make a Google Play version of it I might consider it. But I think I like the Sony Xperia Z2 better anyway (a Google Play version of the Z2 would be nice. I'm not counting on Sony doing that either. But I can dream).

Will I stick with iOS? It depends on Apple and what they do with the iPhone this year. For now I will, until the right Android hardware comes along.

If Apple make a bigger iPhone this year (preferably between 4.5" and 5.0"), I'll probably buy it the first day it's up for pre-order and not go back to Android. If they keep the existing 4.0" size like my 5S, I'll probably just get a Z2 once it finally comes out in the US, or the next Nexus (if it's any good).

This 5S will just have to do for now.

Given how popular the Nexus 5 is, I don't doubt Google will make the next one even better. Plus Motorola is probably in the works for something cool

I really hope so. For once I'd like to see them make a Nexus with excellent battery life, a speaker that's loud and clear, and a camera that's top-notch.

Good point. Enough of those fancy android phones, those weren't pocket friendly to me. The thing i hate the most with android technology is whatever quadcore device they use, its just very laggy compared to iOS7. Everybody knows that.

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I wanted to love my iPhone but the Verizon version doesn't do simultaneous voice and data. I use that a lot when I'm using my phone for meetings while I'm on the go. A lot of places around here don't offer WiFi so right now I'm back to my Moto X.

Really Rene? Are you guys that desperate or worried about the Galaxy S5 that you would print such a vague and laughable story as this? "Thanks to the great App Store apps, the iPhone is almost as a good a Google phone as Android… " What the heck does this mean? The iPhone doesn't have the tight integration with Google services that an Android phone has. Plus, how is that an effective advertising campaign, "Get an iPhone if you like Google because we do Google ALMOST as good as a Google phone?"

Some of the replies here are behind the times. They are typical of an iPhone user switching to something new. Most iPhone users are way behind on technology. Why does Touchwiz or Sense UI even matter? Most Android users know that you can switch them out for free. There are a ton of homescreen replacement in the Play Store. Is it because the only real changes to the UI an average iPhone user can make (without jailbreaking) is to change the background picture, so your viewers really don't know any better? Android offers a level of customization that leaves the iOS in the dark ages were it belongs.

I don't mean to rant or bad mouth the iPhone, iOS, or its users. My versiral is with this story. The iPhone is a great phone that is simple to use and excellent for beginners. When you are ready to take off the training wheels, go Android. The GS5, One M8, and LG G2 are for people who want their smartphones to be smart and do more.

Forgive my ignorance, I’m very stupid because I use an iPhone, so I’ll try my best to answer your rant.
I once was an Android Power user, I knew how to root almost every droid back in the day and had installed only the best most hardcore applications available in the playstore. I also used to rant about articles like this and thought iPhone users, or apple costumers for that matter, were being naïve and old fashioned, until one day my eyes were opened. iPhone is not just a phone, is not just a device that syncs with your calendar. I have an iPhone because it opens the door for the best written and most usable apps, the costumer experience is what keeps iPhone user from android. The new Android devices have a lot of sensors and new gimmicks, but they are not trustworthy, they fail, with regular use, they are so slow in 6 months that they are useless. I have an iPhone 5 that is 1 year and a half old and works as perfectly as the day one. So what do I do with customization? How does that help me with my everyday life? I actually care more that my phone works exactly as I expect it to every time than I care for the colour of my battery indicator. And in case you are wondering, iOS has a much better google integration than most google phones, it’s no wonder google releases its apps upgrades first on the App Store than in their very platform. I know exactly what iOS has and what Android offers and I would take iOS customer experience any day of the week. But I guess don’t know any better because I am an iMore viewer… I should be ashamed of myself using a phone that doesn’t get slow over time, has the top premium apps, and actually helps me with my everyday life like that. Us, iPhone users, are so stupid… not that NASA, the FBI, and the government use iPhones.

I don't think you're stupid or ignorant. You've posted some great opinions based on your experience. You've also made some sweeping generalizations that are just not true. My 2 year old Samsung, for example, runs just as good now as it did when new. Some of the "gimmicky" features I use - some I choose not to (but at least I have the option). I have seen older iPhones degrade in performance with each iteration of IOS (we still have hundreds of iPhone 4s deployed) but I'm not going to say that ALL iPhones suck after an OS update. Sweeping generalizations like that, to me, are stupid and ignorant. I'm glad you've found the device that works best for you ... nothing to be ashamed of :)

Sounds to me like you decided to quit worrying about customizations or being on the bleeding edge of technology just to go with something "safe. " That's quite already. People who start families eventually get rid of their motorcycles, sports cars, or old pickups for Camrys (yuck!), minivans, and SUVs. Linux desktop users spend time installing the OS on their desktop just to use GNOME (might go over some heads with that one). Bottom line is you are doing what you feel is safe. You are choosing to ride with training wheels. Also, you can be dumb on technology and still be a smart person. There are doctors, engineers, pilots, and other professionals who know their particular field very well but couldn't build a mobile phone or even tell you how it works or even use a computer (I work with a lot of them) . Dumb on technology does not equal dumb at anything else.

It just kills me that most people still consider Apple products high technology. Apple hasn't really pushed the boundaries of technology since the first iPhone. Their devices have become overpriced and boring. It's real easy and safe to use something that doesn't do much. It's not as safe to push the boundaries of technology. At least Android companies are doing that now and like it or not, it is Apple that needs to start following these companies to stay relevant. Case in point, offering some sort of multi-tasking and larger (hopefully HD) screens.

Are you saying that Rene's mommy is dumb? Because I'm pretty sure she has an iPhone. Thems fightin words and I'm pretty sure he has a hockey stick lying around that he could beat you with.

Another generalization!!!

I went from Android to iOS and even though it wasn't what I wanted, its now my OS of choice. iOS performs much better for me in my daily routines and since I have more Macs than PCs at home, its also more convenient. When I'm at work, building & testing apps for electronic health records, iOS is much more stable and more and more hospitals use iDevices for their mobile needs over any other device, so it works for me.

Whats important is what works for a particular person. No one should be put down or frowned upon because of the device they choose. That's just craziness! I could care less what devices other people use...I have more important things to worry about!!

I'm thinking about leaving android but not because of the s5 but because I like apple care I like that you can always find a repair shop for's just nice to have options

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Samsung customer support and warranty is just slightly better than what you would get from the peddler who is selling stolen products. That's why if I ever buy a Samsung, I'll go with a 3rd party warranty not Samsung.

Funny that I've been an Android die hard. Had all Galaxy S phones pretty much. But the day the PLASTIC S5 was revealed to the world, was the day I changed my mind. And in my country you can't get the Nexus phones. So we don't even get to see vanilla Android here. I gave my S4 to my wife, bought a iPhone 5s, and I haven't looked back. More reliable, more responsive, much better camera and not plastic!!!!

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So you cared more about the material the phone was made out of then the technology itself? There is nothing wrong with plastic. The first iPhone was plastic as were most of the iPods and I believe the first iPad also. So where they not good devices? Most sensible people encase their new devices in plastic to PROTECT them. I haven't seen too many (actually none at all) protective cases made of metal, so metal is really a fashion choice vs. an engineering one. My Galaxy Note 3 is very responsive, reliable, and has an excellent camera. My wife's S4 is exactly the same. She wouldn't have it if it wasn't reliable and I have yet to be asked to fix it for her.

I'm sure Rene had his reasons for writing this article. For me, it would be simply ridiculous to buy the iPhone 5S at this stage when the iPhone 6 with larger screen (how large is anyone's guess) will be out in 5 months. Regardless, I'd wait and see how the iPhone 6 is and go from there. The G5 should drop significantly in price by then too. Let's just hope Apple doesn't force us and the carriers to pay $100 more for the next iPhone as recently reported elsewhere because it'll have a larger screen.

Good notes. I have the good fortune of having more than one contract upgrade coming up so testing the waters on the 5s. But can say I like the iPhone. As I'm used to a much bigger screen, I can't wait for the potentially bigger 6. Oh and I still won't need antivirus if I get a 6. But to each his own I suppose.

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Having a hard time with the Galaxy S5? Why don't you try.... Android!

No, honestly, Samsung puts this special version of android on all their phones, called "Touchwhiz" and it is TERRIBLE. They modified android to the point that it is slower, uses more battery, and honestly IMO harder to navigate.

Try to find a phone with a less modified version. The closer you get to "vanilla" android, the faster it is. I hate how companies ruin the android experience. And honestly, headlines like this aren't helping. You can't give up on android if your phone has a very weird version of it, that even has a different name!