Samsung takes aim at iPad again with new ads for the Galaxy Pro series tablets

Samsung's Galaxy TabPro and NotePro tablets have been available for some time, but that doesn't mean it's not too late to start advertising them. In that spirit, Samsung today pushed out four new ads touting the software and hardware features of the Galaxy Pro Series tablets, including bits on Multi Window, the "4 megapixel display" pixel density, and support for multiple users.

Like in previous ads where Samsung explicitly and repeatedly targeted Apple devices, the popular iPad Air is squarely in Samsung's sights. Though they're not unwilling to point a finger at their Android-based competitors either, taking aim at the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets' lack of multitasking capability.

Multi User

Note: Samsung is not wrong in that iOS does not support multiple user accounts. iOS does allow users to lock the tablet to a specific app, but that's not a feature that's easily discoverable or well-advertised.

Book Club

Two Things At Once

Note: While, yes, the Galaxy Pro Series of tablets do support Multi Window mode so you can run two apps on the screen at the same time, they're also making that iPad user seem awfully dumb for not just switching to the other app as the video client runs in the background. Because iOS can do that.

Pixel Density

Note: The iPad Air has a pixel density of 264ppi. The retina iPad Mini: 326ppi. The Galaxy Pro Series 12.2" is 247ppi, 10.1" is 299ppi, and 8.4" is 359ppi. So, yes, at the closest matching size, the Galaxy Pro tablets do have a greater pixel density than Apple's iPads. Except you're not likely to notice unless you have them less than a foot away from your eyeballs.

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Reader comments

Samsung takes aim at iPad again with new ads for the Galaxy Pro series tablets


iPad, great products but sorely lacking in the multitasking department. This is where the other tablets outshine and outperform the iPad.

If you just get around the app switching gestures on the iPad, multitasking becomes nearly irrelevant (at least to me). But Apple really doesn’t come forward with these capabilities (obviously, they do that to make the iPad as simple as possible so that cats, babies and grandmas have zero problem using it).

I always hear a "I didn’t know you could do that" when someone spots me switching apps by not pressing the home button.

I don't understand why they need to play that goofy music, and make fun of the other tablets. Just say what your tablet does and let it stand on it's own. Samsung puts some nice features in their devices, just focus on them and not someone else's product.

I wouldn't mind the ads so much if they didn't make the other person look like an idiot. They are basically ignoring the other device and saying if you use an iPad your're an idiot.

Kind of reminds me of the commercials that have the "dumb dad" never knowing what's going on, then the super hero mom steps in. Love my DVR so I can skip ads.

These ads are tame. If your really going to complain that they show a weakness of one tablet and and stength on theirs then I don't know what to say. I bet you if ask anyone who whats these ads vs the kind of ads your talking about over 1/2 would not remember the feature that the ad was about after 10 minutes vs these ads which hit home way more. Good marketing. Just as Phil Schiller.

Since this won't let me edit it let me fix my typos. This is what happens when typing on a touchscreen without proof reading it.

These ads are tame. If your really going to complain that they show a weakness of one tablet and and strength on theirs then I don't know what to say. I bet you if you ask anyone who has watched these ads vs the ads that only show features that they would remember the Samsung ads and not the ads just showing the features of the product. These ads hit home and are just good marketing. Just as Phil Schiller. In the current Samsung vs Apple trial he worries about Samsung's ads.

Yeah, I have to agree. They are playful and the actor isn't demeaning the Apple user, in fact he's helping the Apple user out, which makes him come across as the hero of the ad. It's subliminal and geared towards someone not currently invested in a particular eco-system, ie. no one who reads this blog.

Apple did the same to Windows. Maybe it's karma. Mostly it is just pointing out the things the tablet may have in terms of a leg up over its competitors. Just saying I can do "this" or "that" doesn't always do much for the consumer unless you happen to be Apple, in which case people may react like it was the first phone or tablet to do anything ever. Whereas adds showing what it can do AND how the competition can't do it, albeit with some humor, hits home better.

And Microsoft did it to Apple as well lol its a revolving door called marketing and competition it's not a big deal no one's feelings are getting hurt trust me the millions and millions of dollars they make they are okay with

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Lol right don't make fun of Apple that's mean.... How about Samsung products sucks IMO that's why I don't buy them

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I own the iPad and very happy with it but the Samsung adds are very funny and do point out some very weak points of the iPad. I don't let any add change my open mind about any products. Samsung has some great products and if not for competition the tech industry would be 10 yrs behind where it is today.

I don't find these ads helpful for samsung. If they are such better products than what Apple offers then why do they have to bring them up in ads. Makes them look petty and cheap acknowledging that apple products are used everywhere by everyone and they know it. Apple never brings up samsung because they are so far beneath them it doesn't matter. That might not be true but that's the imagine it portrays to me. Kings don't acknowledge peasants lol.

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Here, Here, I have the iPad Air and it's the greatest gadget ever made, screw you Samsung, Bitter Bitches!!!

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Bashing the competition smacks of desperation, and is the very definition of amateurish, infantile, and ineffective advertising.

Of course, even Apple have done plenty of this type of brainless advertising too. (Mac vs PC ads)

I guess it shows that even the largest of companies are still run by clowns and fools.

Lol not sure why some are taking offence to this ads, it's basically just showing some things it has over the ipad. Nothing wrong with that, if those things the tab does doesn't mean anything to a consumer they won't buy it. Clearly these ads work, I mean heck it gets too apple.

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Agree. So many people getting worked up over nothing. Then again not surprising with how everyone is getting soft and the smallest things upset people. It's an ad people. Relax and don't get your panties in a bunch

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Could Mobile Nations please publish a debate between departments focused on creative production apps and GTD workflows? Not merely office tools, touch all major creativity disciplines such as music and sound editing, video and photography, text editing for Markdown users and coders, notes/lists/GTD apps.

I'm an Apple user who has a luxury of having access to the latest devices running Android and Windows. I'm on a quest to find creative production app equivalents to load my Android and Windows tablets that match the best on iOS. I'm not finding much. Covering the creative disciplines, what the best iOS devs are producing can't be matched or found on the other platforms.

It pertains to this Samsung ad and similar from Microsoft because the best argument for multitasking on their devices would have to come from using social networks while gaming and media consumption; Not creative production apps, they just don't have them outside of old paradigm office tools.

I like the iPad the way it is. I don't need multitasking like that so, meh.

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It's hard for me to comment on Samsung's ads because they are obviously not aimed at existing iPad owners. They are aimed at people who don't yet have a tablet device. So Samsung is trying to show off the things that these people might consider when looking for a tablet device. I would never buy one and I don't like the way they do their ads but that's just me. Like the Surface I think there are lots of things that it does that the iPad can't but no one ever talks about the downsides. I guess that wouldn't be a very appealing ad.

Yeah there are 'great' ads. Still not going out and purchasing a Samsung tablet Pro or any other Sammy tablet.

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