Samsung spreading anti-iPhone 4S talking points

Samsung emailing anti-iPhone 4S talking points

Not content with letting the Apple fanboys self-immolate over expectational depression, Samsung's Kim Titus has decided to spread some iPhone 4S talking points of their own in handy email form. I'll spare you the preamble and jump straight to the good stuff:

  • Screen size benefits scale by AREA (length x width), not just diagonal; the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II has 42% more screen area and Sprint / T-Mobile versions of Galaxy S II have 58% more screen area than the iPhone 4S.

  • The Galaxy S II HSPA+ network speeds are at least 50% faster with AT&T 21 MBPS and three times faster with T-Mobile’s 42 MBPS than the iPhone 4S’s 14 MBPS HSPA network.

  • Galaxy S II continues to have the thinnest smartphone design with the fastest network speed on each of the networks carrying the smartphone (AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile) including today’s announcement of the iPhone 4S specs for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

  • Open Ecosystem – Consumers can use the Galaxy S II to buy music from Amazon, Rhapsody, or a variety of other music services, as well as multiple cloud music services supported such as Amazon, Google Music and multiple video chat clients available for use including Google Chat and Skype. The Samsung Galaxy S II is not limited to a single manufacturer’s storefront or app store.

Sure, the last point is quasi-BS, but the Galaxy S II is a gorgeous set of phones, no doubt about that. (Just check out Phil's review of the AT&T Galaxy S II on Android Central). And Android device makers have always been well armed in the spec fight. Still, iPhone 4S is no slouch in that department either, and with Siri it's fair to say they've taken user experience to a whole new level.

Is this Samsung seizing on perceived user displeasure over Apple's iPhone 4S announcement, or panicking slightly over what Apple's about to drop like Mjolnir on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint?

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Samsung spreading anti-iPhone 4S talking points


You can't be serious....go look at the SGSII...I had an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4....I just moved to the SGSII on Sunday and I'm happy I did. The 4S just ain't cutting it.

Yet you still troll a site dedicated to the iPhone. We get it, you want to defend your stupid purchase, but your starting to over sell it man. The good news is you have a grace period to return it! Then you can stop trying to convince yourself that you didn't make a mistake.

Wait, so, I can't still follow tech news because I don't own the flagship product anymore? What kinda batshit logic you trying to put down? Jeezus. This isn't defending anything I purchased. If Apple released something worth a damn yesterday I would definitely come back....but the sad fact is that they didn't.....and that honestly let me (and many others) down.....I wanted it to be so compelling that coming back seemed like the right thing....but it honestly isn't.

"the KMart of phones?" Really? Last time I checked Sammie made some pretty top-end stuff. Get your head out of your arse.

Ya, used to, and the keyword was SUPPLIED parts, it was, and never will be good enough to actually compete with it's parent, Apple. But ya, it's a good supplier... ;)

You should really look into where the parts for the iPhone come from... Apparently according to what you say, that beautiful retina display that the iP4 has is KMart quality... fool.

after owning iP2 3 & 4 got my SGS2 yesterday. LOVE IT. i cant stop tweaking and customizing. the super amoled plus is amazing and HUGE. and it's so light. no lag at all in fact its faster. did i mention the display?! that's what sold it for me. no jailbreak needed. the ability to tweak a product i own as i see fit it is refreshing and overdue! you should love it.
oh and i do not understand the whole fanboy nonsense. what is that really? unless you own stock in a mobile hardware or software company why care which one sells how much? the profits are not going into your bank account! but still when someone mentions they are going to use another phone they are accused of phone treason and are told that they'll be sorry. what is that?? it is not normal!

if you just got it yesterday "tweaking" (moving icons around on your screen) will get old by about this time tomorrow. then you will move on to wanting apps and guess what? they suck. even if they get good ones it's about 6 months to a year after iOS. so yeah have fun with that because next month they will put out a new one and that's the end of updates for that old one.

apple "enhanced it" and wont let anyone except 4S users use it. iphone 4 users who got the app before are our of luck

what if you want to buy an extended battery? my battery easily lasts a day, but with the extended, if i dont charge it in the night, its not a huge problem because i ccan just charge it in the morning and still have enough juice until i get back home

Do you have a SGSII, no. 0 Freezes or crashes so far....unlike my iPhone 4 which had apps crashing more often than it should.....

im with you on this , i dont own a iphone 4 , but i do have a touch and ipad. i know exactly what your talking about. and dont let it be hot outside. that shit wont work to save your life

iCloud = no need for iTunes software. Kinda the whole point.
The chart also leaves out that you need one of two specific samsung tv's to use it as a remote, while also covinienty leaving out anything about apple tv control. Then there are the subtle liberties it takes like high lighting things in blue that it wants you to think are better, like android over iOS5, and leaving the entries it doesn't win in black.
This is the kind of manipulation you should expect form company like this.

And? No different that the keynote we just saw today.
Also, just how much of your stuff does this "iCloud" backup? Particularly in regards to app personal data/settings?
A smarter way to back up your info.
You have all sorts of important stuff on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iCloud automatically backs it up daily over Wi-Fi when your device is connected to a power source. Once you plug it in, everything is backed up quickly and efficiently. That’s because Backup is like everything else in iCloud: convenient and completely effortless.
Copy and paste from apple's website. It's not hard to find.

How about security? Encryption? Is all your app data stored open such that any DB user can access it or encrypted? Another question I'd have would if Apple has finally improved the security of iTunes. The poor security of iTunes is why I have always refused to keep a credit card on file with and will only every leave small increment gift card credits on the account for long periods.

actually it means that an itunes account is needed.. not the app..just like android device require a gmail account to have access to the market place..

Siri, please stop awesomeness and freedom of Android ...processing....processing...Processing...Photshop evidence and go to courts ;)

Cheapest feeling? considering the reason the Iphone performs well is because is using Samsungs Processor. the materials are specifically so the phone is not as heavy and the cost comes down for the consumer, the phone itself hadware wise is more powerful than the Iphone 4S and remember we also have the Nexus Prime around the corner that promises even more power.

I own a SGS2 and my wife owns an iPhone 4, and I have to say, the iPhone 4 is noticeably heavier and thicker than the SGS2 (lightweight does not equal cheap). Both phones are solid devices, but the SGS2 is much lighter. I think that the only reason people bring up the back cover being plastic is that it’s really the only thing they can say about the SGS2; which is kinda pathetic in my opinion. Plus, like you said, it’s meant to lighten and thin the phone out.

Exactly, I always laugh at the ignorance on these boards! These people resort to calling Samsung cheap but dont even realize that Samsung supplies parts for their beloved iPhone

  1. 4G chipsets aren't where they need to be in terms of efficeincy ,the iPhone would support it.
  2. Bigger screen does not equal higher resolution
  3. If Apple had added a 4" screen and a new "box" we wouldn't be having this discussion.

As a previous HTC Thunderbolt owner, I cannot wait to switch back to the polished feel that iPhone and iOS offer.

Seriously, getting the samsung is now a no brainer. Sorry apple! and of all the stupid comments about the back feeling flimsy - everyone i know has a case or cover. The otterbox will make it feel the exact same as my iphone.

im an Apple/iOS lover. iPhone always release an image of a high end device. but to release an iPhone 4S which is only an upgarded iPhone 4, is not high end for this days. It seems that apple is following Nokia's footsteps. If they dont release a new iPhone with highend specs, new design, new features that is comparable with other high end devices. Apple will fail this year.

umm.. its not just an iphone 4 with an s at the end.. you do realize that right? you state that the 4s is not a high end device to compete with others? look at the specs.. dual core A5 processor - check/ 1080p video - check/ 8mp camera- check.. the hardware and software updates are comparable with anything out there. Did they fail royally on the design. ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!!!! epic fail there but the hard ware is right up there with the bionic and i would say with the samsung galaxy s 2 unless its running something faster than 1Ghz dual core..the camera is the same...1080p video the same.. and the retina display is still the best display on any device.. samsung included.. and you can look that up yourself yeah fail on the design but for all those people who didnt pick up an iphone 4 waiting on what was to come.. they will still be getting a better device with upgraded specs...but same casing..if they like it fine.. if not.. so be it.. move on. Apple never stated that they would come out with newly designed iphone every year. its what people have been saying ...lets see how it does..

SGS2 Tmobile is 1.5ghz speed of Data that they claim match other smartphones out there 14.4? that's ridiculous considering sgs2 at&t is 21mbps and T-mobile is 42 mbps, for all we know the Iphone might be underclocked like the first one 1080p is not a big deal thats been since last year specs updates most coming from Android platform of course is to improve user experience so no complaint there, but quadcore is around the corner, and also Nexus prime coming the Super Amoled HD and higher processor is going to set the standard.

So they caught up to what samsung did 6 months ago. Samsung and LG both have phones already announced in Korea with screens that top the retina right around the corner. The 4s is a good device and an upgrade to the last model but it doesn't introduce any new revolutionary feature that everyone else has to scramble to catch up with. Apple has too much market share for it to "fail" and with so many more phones being sold it should outsell the 4 but it still wont close the gap with android.

oh i agree with and lg have both been pushing the barriers overseas for quite some time now..they have stuff in asia and europe we will never see in the only thing was all the stink people are making over this new iphone 4s..would have been great to see a redesign but the improvements although not ground breaking and revolutionary are still on par with whats out NOW..but they do need to pick it up and fast..the 5 will have to be something mind blowing with quad core.. 2g ram..1080i video with hd front facing..etc..i honestly believe the reason for this incremental upgrade is so that they can figure how best to redesign for the bigger screen and keep it on par with the retina display or make somethng with much better resolution as well being able to have something that will work on 4g and still maintain the great battery life the iphones have always had..i work at verizon and the biggest complaints people come in with after buying a 4g lte device is that the batteries dont last worth a shit.. cept for the charge..the bionic so far no complaints..hehe..but yeah. with the nexus prime and who knows what else coming out.. apple will definitely have to come up with something big next year to make people turn their heads again..

good point remember the Resolution is up to LG to designed it since they are the ones making it, like the Nova Display they created on the Optimus Black, making it the brightest displayed that you could read a text in direct sunlight.


A pointless argument now. Specs Samsung wins but Apple will still sell a ton of these phones. In the end nobody can say this will change much of anything.

Keep buying your cheap samsung phones that will never see an update or software thats smoothe and solid like the iPhone. Good thing they are cheap phones.

I've seen what happens to a device that receives an iOS update to the next version, smooth is definitely NOT the word to describe it...

I was talking about the iPhone not android phones. We all know android phones are shuddery and buggy as shit right from the box.

Again, I've had numerous apps "crash" on my iPhone 4 before dumping the ecosystem widens on iO/S and Apple has less control, it occurs more.
So far on my SGSII 0 crashes since Sunday.

"So far on my SGSII 0 crashes since Sunday"
give it will. that thing is a piece of space junk

I used to have an iPhone. Used my 3G for a long time. Then I got an "update" that basically turned it into a brick. A slow brick at that. But I'm sure Apple coming out with a new piece of hardware (iPhone 4) around the time 3G users could upgrade had nothing to do with that.

Like the 3GS when it got iOS4? Numerous devices couldn't even make calls or texts after that update... No android ever did that...

i agree with you on the android spec thing..ive had 2 android devices.. both rooted overclocked at 1.4Ghz and they ran pretty smooth.. but even with all the bloatware from manufacturers and carriers off the devices...still force closed apps, slowed down and occasionally froze for a bit and needed a battery pull.. i dont care how suped up your android devices are..they all suffer the same issues with the OS..its not the hardware..the hardware on all these devices is awesome.. its the OS itself..and as for windows phones?..umm.. no..they will never catch up to android or apple.. they havent even caught up to blackberry and they are falling behind as well..granted the hardware no their new devices is nothing to sneeze at but until they learn how to allocate memory on their devices and not leave a meager 180mb for application use, they will continue to fall behind apple and android..but like you said..hard ware can only take you so far.. remember vista?? that came out.. computers were already at the point where you couldnt possibly need anymore ram or higher end graphics cards for you high graphics games to run but vista was such a piece of shit that no matter how suped up your computer was.. vista crapped it out..


If people don't want 4g then why is that the biggest feature of 90% of the phones released in the last year? If they don't want SD card slots then why do 95% of all phones have them? If people don't want large screen phones then how has HTC and Samsung sold tens of millions of 4.3"+ phones? Your all caps nonsense comment is a discrase to all fanboys still trolling.

The backlash from the apple community is great! My predictions, a huge amount of people switch to android cause they feel like the new iPhone should look different and have a bigger screen. Then, within 30 days, remember how much they liked iOS, notice how bad the android apps look and perform, say they're not kids so they don't need games....but still get pissed that they are not there, and start hearing about how much the people who bought a 4s love it. They will scream FANBOY, and SHEEP, and some thing referring to Steve Jobs groin for a bit, and then they will trade in their piece of crap and walk away with the phone they wanted but were to proud to admit all along.

I don't see how that matters you constantly take the battery cover on and off? Once it's on, its on.

The thing about Apple is that they take on things that others only experiment with and turn them great. Siri is the next feature none of us knew we wanted but now want. I really Apple appreciate the way Apple always push forward the use of technology in our lives BUT...
I think they forgot that even with the geratest idea if it's not presented in a desirable light it won't matter. Apple probably spent alot of their time polishing the mess out of Siri. It better be pretty damn amazing. BUT...
People were expecting a larger screen! People said it loud and clear on the polls, in the forums, on wishlist! For them to the ignore this expectation harkens fallback.
If you want to people to take to your grandoise ideas you have to meet them halfway. The screen and design was the point of entry for many of us especially since we've been waiting extra long for this.
What do I plan to do? I still have an iPhone 3GS. I was pumped for this event. I have a 7 inch Android Tab. I'm not giving up on iOS. It's still the best mobile OS. I would greatly miss the ease of use for syncing my content with my computer. I am going to buy an iPhone 4S? NO. I've decided I'm not going to buy anything! I'll just go contract-free until I see something I really want.

How are those apple chain's feeling now? pretty tight i bet haha!
The best thing about SGS2 is that I don't need to jailbreak it every time your beloved apple updates its phone OS. oh And If I wanna go out and my batteries running flat, I just pop a new one in, and forget itunes, waste of time.

No you get someones hacked version of the OS because you won't be able to get the real one for months. There is nothing good about android phones, just because every loser can afford one doesn't make it good, it makes it cheap to own. And like i said good thing they are cheap because the user experience is shit. Have fun flashing roms in your mothers basement.

one, siri sounds creepy to me. 2, that service, android has had for over a year. i dont use it, i dont need it. but i know people people who rely on voice to action religiously, like my ex, syncs with his camaro. ok, siri might be more complete, but whatever, dont need such thing, i only need swype in my life. yes, im an android user, a GS2 user. and i was honestly looking forward what the iphone would be like, i love competition, and i am disappointed because... i feel like there are no new things that i can compare my phone to. notifications? really? we had that since day one. other than i think that the iphone 4 looks like a cheap look a like of an old HTC phone, yuk, it also looks like the SAMSUNG INSTINCT!!! all ive got to say is... i am not surprised, it is apple's world after all, and their zombies are like, OMG!!! iPhone 4S is so awesome. while us, the smart people, are like, really? :? moving on... So, whos excited for ice cream sandwich and the nexus prime? really wondering what the new feature will be... lol

You must learn that the the almighty Apple has spoken and you must worship what they say, BELIEVE THEM it is what you want, Apple is the creator, resistance is futile. . . . Go forward boys and drink the Koolade.
Give up that hard earned money. . . . i don't think so. . . . its still just another pretty phone that will look nice in your purse.

You're the one who sounds mad writeing a fucking book about why you think google gives better blowjobs. You fandroids are really stupid. You claim everybody has an iPhone, them say android is selling way more phones. So witch is it. lol u mad? Now go fuck off troll.

Disappointed but not shocked, got 12m left of contract so hopefully iPhone 5 by then, still happy not on crappy android tho!

this dude zac is a real dick head. what does the price of the phone has to do with anything, i have the droid charge that was 300 dollars , but thats not what makes it better . he probably has the 16 gig iphone

You know after i dumped that piece of crap Droid Incredible and picked up an iPhone 4 i quit going to Android sites. If you losers are so happy with your laggy phones why do you keep coming back to iOS sites to talk trash? Seems like you know you screwed yourself and want to blame us. Sorry loser maybe when your upgrade comes up again you can come back. but until then beat it.

let me ask you something , what does the 4 stand for now ? theres no 4g, no 4" screen, and this is the 5th generation.

Wow... the comments really reveal the woes of the education system today. People don't even know what's high and low quality. Glass is the optimal material for a handheld device for it's durability and transparency to radio signals. The physical design and manufacturing of the ip4 was 2 years ahead of its time when it first came out. Other manufactures still can't create a phone that is so solid and robust. So the fact that they kept the build the same is a good thing. Why would they go back to crappy plastic? Aluminum doesn't work because dampens radio signal significantly. It's funny how people perceive things based on appearances. I guess it's not the inside that counts, it's the outside. People today really can't think beyond what the marketing departments want them to think. I guess it's okay when it's just cell phones but it really sheds light on why the elected leaders of today are weak.
Btw, I don't buy the 0 crash SGSII bull. I downloaded an app while playing with one in the store and the whole phone crashed. Apps may crash on an iphone when it runs out of memory (at which point you simply close the apps in the multitask bar) but you never see the OS crash. There's a really big difference there. When you're an adult you need your phone to be working all the time in case of important calls. This is why businesses opt for BB's and iphones because they are better phones and use/case studies prove it in a meaningful way (i.e. not just specs).

When are people going to get it? It's not just about the hardware, it's the whole experience-solid hardware, smooth & secure OS, unmatched apps & media content, and the list goes on. Anyone can throw together parts & a giant screen (with crap battery life by the way), but nobody can integrate everything like Apple. Like their motto says, 'it just works'

I think both phones are great they have their advantages and disadvantages, I've own an EVO 4G and I used to have the iPhone 3gs til this day having to switch to the evo was a big mistake. I undertanad the whose customization and what not but in my case it simple .made the phone slavish and slow. The battery simply sucks and thats that there's simply no android phone that can.last an entire day. I'm not hating, I have simply not been satisfied with my Android since I left my iPhone.'s marketing. Apple's announcement was going to swamp all media channels, so Samsung wanted to get something out there. Like all bits of marketing, it is going to emphasize their own strengths and ignore their weaknesses, while doing the exact opposite about their competitors. Normal, everyday marketing.

@mintoreo Im sorry but I'm not following you. You said no hardware changes. New camera with 8 mp, 5 lenses, and uses the gyro to help stabilize it. It has A dual core A5 chip that makes it 2x faster with 7x faster graphics and its now a world phone. So how are their no hardware changes? How did Apple did give us the finger? Every other year they update, not redesign, the iPhone. 3G-3GS, 4-4S. This makes complete since because the two year plan is made so when your plan is up theres a new redesigned iPhone from your last one. So say you had a 3G, 3GS comes out and you wait for 4. Now you can get it with your expired plan. It works with you. The 4S isn't made for the iP4 owners, its made for 3GS owners who want to update because their contract is up and it's made for new customers, but it's not like they will stop the iP4 owners from buying. IF THEY WANTED TO GIVE US THE FINGER THEY WOULD RELEASE A NEW REDESIGNED PHONE EVERY YEAR SO WE WOULD HAVE TO CANCEL OUR PLANS AND PAY MORE MONEY TO GET THE PHONE. (Im not yelling, just can't use bold) Everyone that complains about the 4S being a disappointment don't understand that its not for them its for the 3GS owners. They are working with us not against us.

Am sorry to say that apparently the IPhone 4s is also using K-mart phone parts, memory + soc the very least that I know.

I thought I was an apple fanboy up until yesterday. It finally clicked with me, Apple is not God. I will admit I was greatly impressed over the years with their innovation and sleek designs. I wasn't bothered with their closed ecosystem and lack of freedom over configuration. Though I did crave a little more control. Their app store is impressive, over kill at times, but still - you want it, it's there.
I think the iPhone 4S is an amazing phone and just got greater. I have the 4 and like any smartphone, it has its quirks!! Siri is very impressive but I'm hearing only available in the US?? So us Canadians miss out?? But still there's iCloud which will enhance the value offering tremendously for those with multiple devices. So kudos Apple. You did well. Kinda. Sorta. I am tempted to upgrade.
On the other hand, you also ticked alot of people off. You know that 4.5" screens is what the competition is boasting. Why couldn't you just simply meet on that one spec?? Were you afraid to lose the precious retina display?? You're lack of meeting that one spec, a very important spec to many tech lovers, has me shopping for an Android.
Then I think of all the freedom I'll have without having to jailbreak. It will be neat to see if I'll miss iOS or not. It's time to venture out and try something new. My loyalty is not to a device or OS, it's to MY usability and practicality.
Having an iPad2, a macbook air, apple TVs and air print compatible printers around the house, I can honestly say as a technophile, I've enjoyed and marvelled at the integration and ingenuity.
But, all in all, it's about the experience and what you want in that experience. Right now I want the larger screen. The speed, graphics and camera quality seems to be same across the board. But I wanted something that looks new, not the same that I've had for over a year.
Maybe I'll just keep my 4 and use it as an iPod in my car. I don't know. I am ticked that I am forced to choose and will lose with either decision I make.
But I think I'm ready to take on the Android challenge. Maybe when iPhone5 comes out with something newer, I'll be back. That's if I'm not spoiled with all the freedom.
On the fence,

Because I think most people don't want a bigger screen which translates into a bigger phone. I know I don't.

Hey mods... Pay attention to the example above. If you keep letting kids run amuck in your comments this is what happens.

You sir, are full of crap. I don't think it's even up for debate that the android version of apple's apps are dumbed down and ugly. Oh, and if you want any good games besides angry birds you can forget it.

im torn between upgrading my 3g to 4s or to a galaxy. my gf has the galaxy and it's awesome, great screen, resolution and it's not as 'locked' down as apple has their iphone. not to mention the whole flash issue. there are so many things that I cannot watch on the iphone because of this. time to compare and see what happens.

You guys are doing like u play games on your iPhone all day lets keep it real that's not the case. In Addition, half the games you get tired of or don't play at all i can bet money on that.

I have seen serveral Iphones 4 Shatter and Considering they dont have Gorilla Glass and the 4S still doesnt have Gorilla Glass I can see it shatter again, but I have never seen a phone with gorilla glass shatter, so we will see.

Sorry Apple - you bet the farm on iCloud and Siri and, well, its not good enough :( - Hopefully I will see you on the next go around - tearfully, stynkfysh...

The knee-jerk reaction to Siri is that it's "just voice recognition". But I think that's only half of it. It's voice recognition combined with a AI. Siri knows the context of what you're asking, and has access to various API's in the device. So no, if you watch some of the demo videos, it becomes pretty obvious that this is not something Android has or has had before.
Will Siri be a game changer? Who knows, but it is unique.

I'm confused, I thought the iPhone 4S supports HSPA+. Is there an HSPA++ that the Galaxy s2 supports or something?? What am I missing?

Actually, OS to OS, android does sell more... worldwide... over 300,000 android devices are activated per day worldwide. Selling a lot on day one= nice. Selling a lot every day= better.

You don't do this much spin work if you aren't in fear of the coming storm. Samsung doesn't have any compelling selling points for consumers who like and trust the iPhone + iTunes ecosystem. Dual Core processors and "X" amounts of RAM or screen real estate don't mean a lot. And if any phone manufacturer thinks otherwise; they're in for a world of hurt.
I can truly say this after owning two iPhones and being in current possession of an HTC EVO 4G.
Android = The Endless Possiblity
iOS = The Polished, Finished, Presentable Product

Ok, honestly, I have carried an iPhone since they first released and thought it was the greatest device ever built. More recently, I test drove the Bionic and I was blown away by the LTE speed and how fast anything and everything I want to do is right at my fingertips, or voice I should say... I will say, I did need to purchase the extended battery because of LTE but it gets me through 14 hours of business and fun. So I finally laid down the iPhone 4 because side by side, honestly, it's not even a comparison. Once Apple catches up and offers LTE speed and some better features I may come back but for now I am a proud Android owner.
I think it's funny how you all argue on this site. No one is going to hit the mark every time and Apple is just trying to make some Christmas money with their new toy, can't blame them. They expected the embarassment, I mean, Steve left partly out of shame of this new phone I'm sure, but again, it's just business and there are plenty of yo-yos who will go buy the new phone just to have a faster Angry-Birds experience while the rest of us are out connected to the high speed media world. There will be plenty of kids sitting there waiting....waiting.....waiting..... for their browser to load and executing force-quits thinking it's awesome. Simple fact is... Apple pulled up it's kilt and exposed a tiny pee pee this go around. Let it go.....

Force Close! lol but really I own both OS's each has there pro's and cons. I rock my IP4 most of the time because its more stable Google voice even works better on it than my Nexus. I 'm a IT guy and I play enough with unstable OS's ( Windows) :) at work so when I'm out I want something that works all the time. When I get home I dust off my Android and play but really its all on you what you like and how you wanna use it.

Let's not forget that all cell phones in some form are made of plastic. That being said we must also remember that this is a business and apple and samsung are attempting to be #1. The only ones that will profit from these wars are these two company's, the consumer will only enjoy the outcome of these two company's products. So if you are a iphone fanboy or girl. or an android fanboy or girl don't loose site of the big picture. Apple and Samsung don't really care who you love just as long as you spend $$ on their products.

Do Apple and Sammy need to kiss and make up in a Paris hotel room to get passed this Everest size pile of bruised egos?
I think a good and beautiful thing will happen - consumers choosing to buy what they want - RESULT. Unfortunately the carriers will still make money . . . but we don't live in Utopia - right?

Some of these posts make no sense. Just like any of the iPhone releases before it, if this release sells in numbers as seen in the past the comments about missing the mark, not living up to expectations, not open or any other such reference to the other portions of the market are irrelevant. If millions of people buy the phone and most love their device then from a business prospective it is a win. As we have seen in the past, only history will tell.

That's right! Anti_EVERYONE who copies. When was the last time an asian country INVENTED, not copied a great idea??
If Apple hadn't introduced the iPhone we'd still be stuck with flip-type phones with tiny NON-TOUCH screens.
Anti Samsung? You bet!! You ever dealt with people from korea? I have and the experience was not a pleasant one. They're arrogant, loud and rude and treat the locals here in the Philippines like crap. They refuse to learn the local language and don't speak English either. They open establishments just for fellow koreans! It's the TRUTH!

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