Santa Siri commercial deleted scenes

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Santa Siri commercial deleted scenes


You will probably delete this but Siri is in beta, Hello, and still blows everything else away. Step away from the hate and sarcasm TIPB. It's never good enough for you guys. You act all pompous, like you can do better. I can't even listen to your podcasts any more because of all the Bull flying around. I used to really enjoy all the podcasts you guys do but not anymore. Goodbye TIPB.

Yeah, this "beta" thing won't fly, ok?
Apple has made its name by only releasing products and features that were ready for prime time, so they either botched and released a half-baked product, or released a finished product that they knew was unreliable, and stamped a "beta" label on it. Either way, the criticism and humor is quite valid.

Siri works well for me 99% of the time. I will take that from any product. I wish my AT&T service was up 99% of the time!

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