Are you still satisfied with the iPhone 4S six months later? [Poll]

We recently ran an iPhone 4S six months later round-table. In in the iMore and Mobile Nations editors sharing our thoughts on Apple's flagship handset some half-a-year into its product cycle. We also asked you, the iMore Nation, to share your 6-month review on our iPhone 4S forums (and if you haven't already, add yours now as we'll be rounding up the best parts for a blog post later this week!)

Right now we just want to get a quick sense of your satisfaction level. Six months later, are you still happy with your iPhone 4S purchase? Is the iPhone 4S still competitive or are you thinking about switching to something else? Would you recommend the iPhone 4S to a friend, family member, or co-worker looking for a new phone today?

Cast your vote in the poll above and then jump into our iPhone 4S forum and leave us your complete iPhone 4S review, six months later!

Are you still satisfied with the iPhone 4S six months later? [Poll]

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Reader comments

Are you still satisfied with the iPhone 4S six months later? [Poll]


I may be in an "other" category, as it's only been a month and a half. I don't regret the 4S, but I'm starting to have second thoughts about remaining with Sprint. It's necessary, but challenging to judge the device and the carrier independently, however.
I've been mostly happy with the 4S. Probably very much so, so I guess I'll settle for the first option.

The main problem with Siri, as Leo Laporte put it, is that it's so good...because, when it's down (which is about half the time) it is severely disappointing. Dictating failures are a pain because you're saying the same stuff two or three times ...ironically, to save yourself some time and effort.
Sprint's limited network capacity has something to do with that but even on wifi, Siri/dictation frequently leaves me hanging.

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Agree with West - hard to separate the two. Having said that, I've got co-workers with 4s's on Verizon. Side-by-side they smoke Sprint with data speeds. Data on Sprint network has been poor enough to render Siri almost useless where I live. What's worse is that the problems seems to really be capacity. Changing back to my EVO 3D, I am seeing no improvement in speed from my iPhone (prior to my switch to the iPhone, I was pulling down 10-20 times the data speed on my EVO - on 3G service). I'm moving to Verizon. Seems like folks with iPhones on that network are overall happier.

It certainly seems like a capacity concern when I get decent speeds at odd hours and then crippling sub-dial-up speeds when other humans awaken.

Just got mine Friday. It's very fragile, but glass is like that. I miss BBM and the keyboard of my Blackberry but that's all.

Its a really good smartphone, but i have to say that apple need to realese a spanish version of Siri. I know is not the only feature of the 4s over the iphone, but is the main feature. As a mexican consumer i think i've could waited for the iphone 5 and save some money.

Excellent phone. Living in Australia Siri still only "half" works. I think iOS 6 will give it a new lease on life.

I'm still satisfied with the iPhone "4" almost 2 YEARS later. The Retina display consistently keeps my optic stems pleased. Especially when I put a fresh screen protector on it. Ah yes ;D

I love my 4s and nothing comes close. But, I had to say that it's feeling old because of the blazing LTE speeds I'm getting with my new iPad.

I still miss having calendar, tasks, email/SMS, toggle and weather widgets... kinda dulls the satisfaction though not completely.

The hardware is excellent. iOS as well as core features like icloud, siri, imessage, etc could all use some updates.

Got the iP4s a week after release I believe, still completely infatuated. Only regret I have is updating to 5.1, really want to JB.

Life-Long blackberry abuser. Have bought every iPhone since they were released and always ended up back at my BB. I bought the 4S a few weeks after release and so far this has been the only iPhone that has kept my attention this long. Still bounce back and forth on whether to grab a bold 9900 to play with occasionally but when I go to the store to play with it I always walk out empty handed and saying how much better my 4S is.
Just my 2 cents.

I must say I was completely unsatisfied with my 4s that is of course until I jail broke it and now it's a little more tolerable. Still having trouble with ringtones since I don't believe I should have to buy ringtones on my phone. But besides that reliable. Sprint data has gotten worse in recent months.

I'm Hispanic, It's very PITTY, for us the people that speaks SPANISH ( ESPAÑOL ) the SECOND largest LANGUAGE speaked by iOS users, because we still AWAY from having SIRI.
We feel discriminated, we are the biggest minory among iOS users, and WE DIDN't GET SIRI at LAUNC, Neither at iOS 5.1 UPDATE, and maybe not until NEXT iOS Update (later this year), so WE HAVE an more poweful iPhone 4, but we lack a racing track to show it's power to Android Users (Samsung have something Siri-Like in Spanish that works not as good, but enough to make us feel ridiculous using the most expensive phone with still restricted "main features")...

Spend 5 minutes with an Android user who has to take their battery out to reboot their device because it 'froze' and you'll appreciate your 4S even more -- especially when they mention it's not an uncommon occurrence ;-)

Hey that's every phone u can't do it with the iPhone so u are forced to do a hard reset which I've had to do twice in 5 months. I think that's pretty good either way. I've had to do lots of soft resets. Maybe like once every week.

Hey, at least on phones with removable batteries you CAN pull the battery if needed. You can carry a spare battery and swap it out. And if it's no longer able to hold a charge, you can get a new one fairly easily.
That's one thing I miss about my old BB and Android phone; if it froze up it was annoying, but at least I could still do a battery pull/reset and be on my way.
Back in Nov. my iPhone 4 suddenly froze up and was stuck in reboot mode all day; it was totally unresponsive to any controls and was effectively bricked until I got home. I fixed it by plugging it into my Mac and did a complete wipe & restore. Good thing I had already backed it up to the iCloud and my hard drive, or I would've lost everything on it. It hasn't happened since then (fingers crossed on that one). This is the main reason I'm considering getting a phone with a removable battery next time I upgrade.

I've had my 4S for a few days now and I can say that I love it so far. There are a few things I miss about my Droid but overall I can say I'm happy with the upgrade.

I've had 4 YES 4 Motorola Droids in the last 2 years. THEY ALL SUCK! I was so iritated by them that I suspended that line and added a new one so I could get the iP4S at the new contract price. Well worth it. Im no stranger to iOS, I had a 1st gen ipod, gave to my neice when I got my 3rd Gen ipod. Gave my 3rd gen ipod to the gf when I got my iP4S. Both ipods and the iP4S are all going just as good as when they were new. I love my iP4S and will never go back to "the dark side", hell... Droids cant even play (or organize) videos without a $5 app! Stupid!
P.S. ~ To Jose Acosta: 1) 'Pity' is spelled with one T, 2) si lidiar con ella, 3) Siri is not politically correct and never claimed to be, 4) If you dont like it buy a Venezualan phone. Oh wait, they're still building with dirt and leaves over there. My bad dog...

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