Save big today on huge SSD storage upgrades for your MacBook

Upgrade your MacBook's SSD up to 960GB on the cheap

Transcend's SSD upgrade kits for the MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro are seeing substantial discounts today on Amazon. The upgrade kits swap out the modular SSD board on older versions of the laptops (alas, they're not compatible with the more recent models) and uses your original SSD as a slim external USB drive. But the deals are only good for today, so if you've been stymied by your limited storage space, you should take a look now.

Here are the discounts that Amazon is offering today and today only:

Apart from the SSD upgrade kits, Amazon is also offering other Transcend storage products at substantial discounts, including a 32GB MicroSD card for $13.99 (63% off), a 64GB MicroSD card for $28.99 (42% off), a pair of ruggedized external USB 3.0 hard drives, and a selection of steeply-reduced USB flash drives (128GB for 74% off ain't half bad).

These prices are good for today and today only, though, so if you're looking to buy, we suggest you do so shortly. We know it's the MacBook SSD kits that really have your attention — who's tempted by a $500 960GB SSD upgrade?

Source: Amazon

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Save big today on huge SSD storage upgrades for your MacBook


Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm not to tech savy when it comes to upgrades to hardware and such. I have an iMac, what are the benefits of upgrading the SSD? And is this something that is hard to do?

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what are the benefits of upgrading the SSD?

Does that imply that your iMac already has an SSD? If so, then upgrading can net you more storage capacity. It may also improve performance, though that's a matter of degrees.

If you're upgrading from a conventional hard disk drive, then there's a huge performance boost. You'll see it the first time your Mac turns on; it'll load the desktop and launch apps much faster. What's more, the Mac doesn't wait around for the SSD to read and write data like it does with a hard drive.

Upgrading an iMac is not for the Faint-of-Heart, but its not actually difficult.
I find that the scariest part is finding a place to safely store that 27" piece of VERY THIN glass.