Save your Angry Birds and Croods progress now, Rovio Accounts are live!

Save your Angry Birds and Croods progress now, Rovio Accounts are live!

Rovio has launched their game synch service, Rovio Accounts, and you can now keep your progress between iPhone and iPad, iOS and Android on both the original Angry Birds game, and Croods. From the [Rovio blog[(

We know that you've all been waiting for a way to sync progress between devices and we really feel that we have an amazing solution in place now.

They promise more Rovio games will be supported soon. So, if like me, you've gone to the iPad and launched Angry Birds only to find none of your hard work has transferred over, or worse -- someone acci-tentionally deleted your progress -- you can now rest easy. Rovio finally has your back.

If you try it out, let me know how it works for you.

[Rovio blog[(, via Android Central

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Dark_Huntress says:

If they added more games this could be sweet but Angry Birds is so yesterday.

Lt_Solorna says:

Don't worry, they are going to be finalising Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies... They just had to make sure that they support there original game that some people are probably just starting to play or are playing on another device which I have had to deal with after going so for on my old Archos 5 device. I was wanting this back then.
Also if Angry Birds is "so yesterday" then why does the wireless industry have an advert that has the music for the game as if someone is playing it?