Scanner Pro goes free for a week

Scanner Pro goes free for a week

Readdle has announced the release of Scanner Pro for free. Scanner Pro is Apple's App of the Week. The app is normally $6.99, so that's quite a savings.

Scanner Pro turns your iOS device into a document scanner. You take a photo, and Scanner Pro detects borders, crops the image, corrects geometry and more. The file can be converted to PDF, uploaded to Dropbox and Evernote, and e-mailed or printed.

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kch50428 says:

Better than what I've seen in the 12 Days promotion... :)

zdn1042 says:

And to think I almost purchased it last month it was on sale for $ 2.99. Yes, it would have been worth it but I thought that I really wouldn't use it that much so I decided to pass. Glad I did.
Thanks for the heads up!

GreenDize12 says:

I ended buying for the $2.99 price tag : /. Still, even at that price, it was still worth it.

ProWingz89 says:

Unlike u, I bought it a month ago
I haven't even used it and it still has the "new" banner on it.

eradicator2k14 says:

Downloaded it as soon as I saw this article! And, as kch50428 stated, way better than any of the 12 days gifts

Becjr says:

This is a steal of a deal (oh, having typed that I feel like a used car salesman now)

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gordol says:

Nice. I'm a big fan of their PDF Expert.

gordol says:

Yeah, replying to myself... I just downloaded and tried it, I think it may replace CamScanner Pro as my portable doc scanner of choice.

iGeneration4 says:

What i was waiting for... Yes, the wait was worth it...

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asuperstarr says:

This is great! I will download this now!

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Rowanova says:

I got it too. Looks better than the other two I've used, but don't really need a scanner as often anymore. Nice to have a better tool tho.

Antron says:

Been using it for a long time now. Absolutely worth it.

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Gsarfin says:

I've been a long time JotNot Pro user. I downloaded this and set it up but have not used it yet. It does look nice though and I love the auto upload and iCloud sync between my iPhone and iPad. Will certainly give it a try and probably switch to this one now. Can't beat the price! Thanks for the heads up!

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emjayess says:

Hello Gsarfin, I have JotNot Pro, too, but haven't really used it much; would you mind posting your opinion on these two apps once you've had a chance to drive Scanner Pro around the block a few times? Thanks!

Gsarfin says:

Sure thing!

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jagfan2 says:

Purchased several Readdle apps during the 12 days Christmas promo. Would have been nice to offer them for free during that time. Wonder if they will off any of their other apps for free in the near future?

williamsbh76 says:

Great app and one that I use almost daily! I've been using it for well over a year. Don't remember how much I originally paid but $2.99 was a steal and free is awesome!

93Aero says:

Awesome scanner, surprised its free.