Screen Time 28: Kings of the Keynote

Screen Time 28: Kings of the Keynote

I joined Moisés Chiullan on his 5by5 show, Screen Time last week to talk about how companies communicate with their stakeholders, including investors, developers, and customers/end users. Or in Sony's case with the PS4 event, how they failed to. As Moisés put it:

In this sibling episode to Critical Path 74, Rene Ritchie joins Moisés to discuss keynote culture, why and how Sony's PS4 event was a bust, and whether keynotes as we know them are a dying breed.

If you're interested in technology beyond Apple, though compared and contrasted with Apple, give it a listen. And don't miss the After Dark companion show.

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Rene Ritchie

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Screen Time 28: Kings of the Keynote