Scrivener writing app for iPad gets development back on track

Scrivener writing app for iPad gets back on track

Scrivener is one of the most well respected, most beloved writing apps on the Mac, one that works the way writers and stories work. For a while now, Scrivener developer Literature & Latte have been working on the highly anticipated iPad version, but issues beyond their control slowed the project. No longer. They've gotten a new developer on board to help kick things back on track, and that new developer is the iMore app's own... Tammy Coron of Nickelfish! According to Literature & Latte's blog, the The Cellar Door:

Tammy has been getting up to speed with the project for the past fortnight and has now started diving into the code proper. We hope to provide more news over the coming months, but we’re all excited to have her on board and to once again be forging ahead with getting our iOS app completed.

Understandably, they don't want to make any more guesses as to a potential release window, but they do want to try and get it out this year, hopefully in time for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Tammy, as Debug listeners already know, is beyond awesome. I can't wait to see what Literature & Latte turns out for the iPad. Go read the whole post, and then come back here and let me know if you're looking as forward to this as I am.

Source: The Cellar Door

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Scrivener writing app for iPad gets development back on track


This is awesome. I love Scrivener on my Mac. Having it available on my iPad would be even better, especially if they have some sort of automatic syncing of projects.

I don't have to read the whole post, in order to say HOW EXCITED I am!!!(although I will)....
And I'm a PC, not a Mac!!!
L&L is the best!!

Great news indeed! That said, Scrivener for Mac syncs quite nicely with Notebooks and Index Card and those 2 apps have both iPad and iPhone versions while "Scrivener for iPad" appears to be iPad only.

It's "Scrivener for iOS". They've previously announced that they plan both iPad and iPhone versions, and the blog at the source link seems to suggest that this hasn't changed.

While you're waiting for the Scrivener for iPad, use Index Card, which is Scrivener inspired. It's my new favorite iPad app. Its really excellent.

Ahh!! I can't wait!! I used scrivener and the simplenote app to write my book (first book I've ever written from start to finish) and the editing is like pulling teeth...I'm using goodreader to mark my desired changes and then uploading that file into scrivener on my pc to make the changes...I'm so tempted to just quit the edits until the iPad version of scrivener is available so I can do the edits and changes all with my handy portable mini iPad

Glad to hear the iPad version is back on track! I write on my iPad now, but I use Nebulous Notes app on the iPad to write which is then synched to Scrivener and Dropbox. It works, but direct access would be awesome.

Along with probably every other Scrivener lover who has an iPad, I've been waiting forever for this app to come out. It is by far my #1 most wanted app. This is great news.

It's a long wait and I don't see signs of it coming to an end any time soon... Is there any news on the development of a Scrivener app? I would love an easy, direct way to work on my Scrivener projects on the go...

Is anyone else checking to see if the Scrivener iPad app is released every couple weeks? Or is that just me?

I do love Scrivener so much. I currently sync my srciv docs to my ipad with drop box and that is pretty ok. but i must admit that ang ios app with all the cool things like card view and comment/fn functionality would be probably be heaps better. i've thought to get a mac air just so I can have scrivener on the go but they just get so hot. wow i'm such a whinger. sorry. i just love the app :-)