SDK Event to Bring Exchange and Lotus Support?


Again with the Apple Insider analyst tea-leaf reading, we get word from Shaw Wu of American Technology Research that Steve Jobs will spend some time during Thursday's iPhone SDK Event announcing enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus corporate email "solutions" (having worked in IT, I'm entitled to add the quotes.)

Wu believes it "more likely" that iPhone's corporate support will come as a result of internal development rather than licensing technologies like Microsoft's ActiveSync and/or RIM's Blackberry Connect, but only time and El Jobso will tell for sure.

Given that Apple pre-announced "enterprise" for the event, and their past job listing (no longer online) for a "motivated, highly-technical Exchange test/sync engineer with excellent problem solving and communication skills," this could be a very safe bet.

Either way, it looks like crackberry addicts and active exchangers alike may soon have iPhone pushers joining them in desperate need of instant email fixes. (Which, of course, is seen as very necessary to increasing the iPhone's penetration of corporate accounts.)

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Rene Ritchie

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SDK Event to Bring Exchange and Lotus Support?