See photo, Vine previews in your timeline with latest Twitter for iOS update

See photo, Vine previews in your timeline with latest Twitter update

Twitter has updated their official app for iOS, with a bigger emphasis on conversations and media. Twitter users will now find that their timelines are a bit more visually stimulating, with photos and Vine videos now previewed in the main timeline. Just tap on the preview to expand it to the fullscreen version. These previews can be turned off in the settings.

It's also easier to join in on conversations. You can now reply, retweet, favorite, and follow someone right from the timeline without any extra steps. Many of these features have been available through several popular third-party Twitter clients for some time now, but it's nothing but good news that the official application has finally begun to catch up.

The update is available right now on the App Store. Does this make it more desirable to use for you, or are you happy enough where you are?

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See photo, Vine previews in your timeline with latest Twitter for iOS update


This should be great for the IPO! The new update should allow advertisers more variety in the marketplace; video ads can be inserted before vine clips and elsewhere, more screen real estate means also means more advertisements of every flavor! What a great investment Twitter is going to be. For the past 6 weeks Twitter has been spamming every single twitter user with push messages and emails no less than twice a day encouraging inactive users to log in to artificially bloat the 'average unique visitors/month' figure that was the main concern in the Twitter Prospectus (Twitter cited slowing user growth figures as a potential concern). What this all amounts to is the following: Weeks after the IPO, Twitter will put out a press release/letter to investors stating that 'initial concerns regarding the user growth rate/number of active users were misplaced.' The stock will fly up, riding the fraudulently manipulated numbers during the appraisal process, and then BOOM reality will hit and the entire social marketing bubble is going to pop and drag down the NASDAQ with it.