Select Garmin iOS apps up to 50% off on Black Friday

Select Garmin iOS apps up to 50% off on Black Friday

If you're in the market for a navigation app for your iPhone or iPad, you may want to hold off for Black Friday as Garmin has informed us that some of their NAVIGON and StreetPilot apps for iOS will be 50% off for the day.

Here is a list of the iOS apps Garmin is offering as well as original and sale prices:

  • StreetPilot Onboard iPhone USA: $24.99 instead of $49.99 - Buy Now
  • StreetPilot Onboard iPhone North America: $29.99 instead of $59.99 - Buy Now
  • NAVIGON iOS USA: $24.99 instead of $49.99 - Buy Now
  • NAVIGON iOS North America: $29.99 instead of $59.99 - Buy Now
  • NAVIGON iOS MyRegion: $14.99 instead of $29.99 - Buy Now

To say the least, if you're in the market for navigational apps, hold off a few more days and in the mean time, check out some of Garmin's offerings to see if any of them suit your needs.

If you plan on picking one of these apps up on Friday, let us know in the comments which one!

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Select Garmin iOS apps up to 50% off on Black Friday


I have both. I really want to like Navigon but I just prefer Street Pilot. I think it is the design that I prefer.

The one good thing about Navigon is that it is a universal app that also has an iPad version. Whereas Street Pilot is iPhone only. Therefore I use a navigon on the iPad and Street Pilot on the iPhone.

Read the reviews on iTunes before purchasing the Garmin apps. The recent updates have made the app unusable: Contact addresses can not be found as well compatibility issues with earlier versions of ios 6.

I've got the StreetPilot USA and I do not have that problem. The issue is that Garmin sometimes uses city/town names that are non-standard. This is not a problem with the iPhone app, it's a problem with Garmin. They use the same databases on all their devices and apps, I've seen this same flaw on all three of my prior Garmin units (1 StreetPilot and 2 Nuvis) and my Dad's Nuvi. All different models and vintages.

The fix is simple: update the address entry. You can look up the address manually in the app and use that to find what Garmin uses, or add the lookup version to the Favorites.

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IIRC correctly, these maps will work without a data signal (if you're in an area where signal is weak). Complete offline maps that just uses your GPS signal for navigation.

"Any reason these are better than Google Maps?" --

The Navigon & Garmin OnBoard both store full map on the device - so you're not relying on cellular data for anything beyond doing a search or something like that.

I used Navigon for a couple of years on a very regular basis. I also used Streetpilot for a while. Both after I finally gave up on carrying a separate GPS unit from Garmin. It was just too much of a hassle to travel with and took up too much space in my car considering I already had a smart phone sitting right there.

Honestly, unless you NEED to have off-line maps I would pass on both of these. The UI for both stink compared to what you get on either Apple or Google maps. Traffic can sometimes be better and there are a few more features (like looking at the next exit, lane preview, etc). So for a frequent traveler and user there might be an advantage. However it is seriously outweighed by bad UI, poor searching tools, triple the clicks to do anything as necessary, inability to enter addresses easily, glitches, lost maps (Do you hear me Navigon?) and so many other issues. If I needed the more advanced features that badly I would just get a new, and now pretty cheap, dedicated GPS for the car. I can live without those features most of the time so it is not worth carrying around a dedicated unit or filling up my iPhone with maps for an application that is just too hard to use.

Now if Apple maps would improve searching for destinations/POI's and make traffic notifications much more reliable and timely, I would be thrilled. And if Google could improve the UI (the last update was much better but still needs work) then I would be totally happy with what I have on the phone.

As of now I am getting by with Apple & Google maps sharing the burden. I would not go back to Navigon or Streetpilot after my poor experiences with them. Especially for the cost. $30 would be fine if the apps were excellent. They are not. They are both very poor and frustrating IMHO.

Last week I finally gave up on Apple Maps, I had way too many poor experiences and I gave an honest attempt to give it a chance. However I think I'm just used to Google Maps for searches. I wonder how well the Garmin fares.

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And for those who still have Garmin stand-alone GPSrs - Today (Wed 11/27) Only - until 11:55PM Central Standard time US - Garmin is offering lifetime update subscriptions & one time map updates for $49 & $19 respectively.

TomTom, Navigoj, and CoPilot. I don't think I can afford another nav app, even with these sales!

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