Sennheiser offers smartphone-ready versions of popular headsets

Sennheiser headsets

German audio products maker Sennheiser has announced the availability of three new headsets designed for use with smartphones- as "universal" designs, they'll work with iPhones, BlackBerrys, Samsung, HTC handsets and all the rest. The headsets are based on existing designs, but now incorporate smartphone controls and microphones. The new headsets include two over the ear models and one earbud model.

The $80 HD 219s is an on-the-ear headset with a closed back design to help reduce outside noise, while the $100 HD429s goes around your ears and delivers meatier bass response. If you don't want big cans cupping the sides of your head like a DJ, the MM 70s may be more your style - earbuds that rest in your ear canal, based on one of Sennheiser's most popular models.

All of them feature neodymium magnets and inline controls to manage calls, adjust volume up and down, play and pause music and change tracks.

I'm not much into earbuds but those HD 429s look mighty tasty.

You can get more info from Sennheiser's Web site, and they should be available from wherever Sennheiser stuff is sold.

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Sennheiser offers smartphone-ready versions of popular headsets


I tried out the 218i the other day, which looks exactly like the 219s above. (I tried to include a link to show what it looks like but I'm told my comment is spam...) The sound was surprisingly good. My lightweight headphones are 100-IIi, but the 218i had much more bass, and a bit of noise reduction due to the (surprisingly small) earpads that cover my ears quite well. I'm thinking of picking them up.

Thank you for the info and tips!! My teenage son gas an XBOX and has trashed every single set of headphones for his Xbox and iPod that I've ever gotten him (including one of the in-ear Bose sets @ ~$100!!! Ouch!) - was wondering how these would fare for his Xbox? Any idea? I know there are Xbox specific headphones, but at this pace, I'm trying to save a few pennies and find a one-size-fits-all set! He's slowly draining this Bank of Technological Failures! I think I may literally melt down if he trashes another pair! Itonically, the same thing happens to all: one ear bud (mostly left, but one pair, it was the right side. Any suggestions, ideas, reasons, would be more appreciated than I could EVER express! I really felt it with this last mishap, the Bose set - and from what he's (admitting to) telling me, there seems to be no prior forewarning, nothing significant that happens at all to narrow down this phenomena that seems to have haunted him (you know, I hadn't considerd THAT possibility? Maybe...? Hey! I'm open to anything, at this point! Rofl!)

So, I'm all ears for any suggestions, solutions, and advice! And I'm preferring to spend under $100, if possible? Otherwise, hit me with your best shot! (*wince* *cringe* ...*ouch*)

Hopeless in Headphones~