Seth Green shows off new media sharing app, Shodogg

Celebrities have tendency to bubble up across CES, but it's not often one of them is an honest-to-goodness exhibitor. Seth Green, the most excellent comedian behind Robot Chicken and a big player in Family Guy, used CES 2012 to announce his investment and advisory role with an app called Shodogg. It's a pretty simple HTML5 app which lets you quickly share mobile videos to your PC, tablet, Google TV, or just about any other web-enabled device. They're aiming to launch a native iPhone app in March, and given the heavy "platform agnostic" angle, you can expect this on Android sometime soon.

Sharing streaming video can be tricky if the source doesn't want to play nice, and even when they do, DLNA is still farm from perfect. Though there's definitely room for an app like Shodogg, I think the biggest thing about it is that Seth Green is involved. Call me shallow. It's just good to see smart celebrities getting entrepreneurial. Who knows, maybe if more of them focus on app development, the next generation of programmers could enjoy some amount of social prestige.

You can find out more about Shodogg over here, or jump right in and sign up for the alpha.

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Seth Green shows off new media sharing app, Shodogg


I hate seth green with a passion. I like some of his work, but as a person I find him irritating. When he was on Entourage i was glad he got beat up. But i know nerds love this guy

VB I've been using an e-reader for my Treo for years and I am (ahem) a ltlite older than you it really isn't a problem, and with the incredible screen on the iPhone I imagine the experience will be even better!

Hmm... the picture on the main site with the story should probably SHOW Seth Green rather than the other guy :-D

Interesting concept and app. New respect for Seth Green to do this kind of work.

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I don't feel Seth Green is particularly talented (I mean, come on... he's made a complete career of ripping off and riffing off of Star Wars. Come to think of it, that describes Kevin Smith also...) and he's so obsessed with money that it seems like he's trying to sell you on some BS project every time. He's a show biz leech. Enjoy your burrito!