Setting expectations

iMore has heard that, instead of the widely rumored iPhone 5 with a bigger screen and all new casing design, Apple will instead be releasing an iPhone 4S -- that name and the same basic design as the current Verizon iPhone, with an Apple A5 dual core processor like the iPad 2, an 8 megapixel rear camera and perhaps some extra RAM to really let it fly.

Apple has done this before, of course. iPhone 3GS was exactly the same casing as iPhone 3G, but with better chips and a bigger camera, and it sold fantastically well. Heck, iPhone 4 in its current configuration continues to sell fantastically well. And Apple is not a company that typically changes just for change's sake.

Sure it's been 15 months since iPhone 4 hit the market, and Apple's had more time than ever before between generations, but that doesn't mean they've spent that time on hardware.

First, the Verizon iPhone has only been on the market since February and that might have contributed to the fall rather than summer refresh schedule. iOS 5 is also a huge update, especially iCloud which Apple likely does not want to be a repeat of MobileMe. And if even half the rumors about Assistant turn out to be true, that will be the big story next Tuesday.

Apple has said numerous times that software is their key differentiator. If an 8GB iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are the only iPhones introduced next Tuesday, they'll be putting their money where their mouth is like never before.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Tim Cook holding up the iPhone 5 from those case leaks. But he won't be. He'll be holding up an iPhone 4S.

2011 is the year of the iPad 2, not the iPhone 5.

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Rene Ritchie

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Setting expectations


Seems pretty logical. I actually am ok with just getting the iPhone 4 recently, I was a bit irked thinking that I got hoodwinked into buying early, but if they only changes are those listed above, I'll be happy just to get iOS 5.

There's not going to be any performance improvements. It runs like garbage because of a lack of ram. Explain that one away genius.

If ever there was a phone that needed a cosmetic change it was the iPhone 4. It's uncomfortable to hold, too small a screen (it's not 2007 anymore) and the grip of death thing still affects mine (I don't use a cover).
Samsung have some lovely phones (S11, Galaxy Note etc) and I lot of people will want them.
I've had an iPhone for over 3 years (3G then 4) and I have done so not because I am an Apple fan-boy, but because they were the best phones.
They aren't anymore. Such a shame if all this turns out to be true. So want an IPhone 5.

Very disappointing, as a 3GS owner i'll at least have to look at other options, iPhone 5 would have been a no brainer.

I'd go from iPhone 3GS to the new iPhone if they added iPad interactivity. That's not off the table yet, but hasn't been mentioned as part of iOS5.
If I can't get them to work together, then I can go ahead and get a non-Apple phone.

Not expecting a redesign, but with new hardware specs ( 1GB RAM !! ), iCloud, iOS will be a great "new" experience.
That is what they ( Apple ) do best.

I don't feel like there were new case/design "leaks" and suggestions when we saw the 3GS. Since the production came online in Brazil, suggests Apple is betting heavy on emerging markets ( and you can't sell in Brazil, unless its assembled there). So that would explanin the cheaper Iphone 4. I really hope we see the redesigned 5 with some extra screen real estate, however the hype usually leads to dissapointment. Not since 2007 have anyone's expectations been exceeded (arguably). So strap in kids and wait for another year until we see a new design. Look at it this way, for you current owners, your cases will still work.

Hope you're wrong. When Apple went from 3G to 3GS they didn't have the competition that's in the market today. Andriod already out sells them (I know, lots of phones compared to one but who cares) and Windows Phone IS a very viable alternative. I'm anxiously awaiting a larger screen. If I don't get it, I'll wait for the '5' and buy something else in the meantime.

It's hard to imagine this now, but the original Palm Pre was released a week before the 3GS, and still had a halo of hype. There was much more hype for the Pre at the time than there is for Windows Phone or the SGSII. I definitely think we're looking at a "3GS" level launch, which will be just as successful.

it kind of makes sense, why would Apple be announcing before 200 people an iphone 5 and a new iphone 4S?? when they could easily do it with 5000 people like they did it with previous releases? it has to be the iPhone 4S only..

As I said before in another post. This will be Tim Cooks first Unveil as the CEO not acting. If anything he needs Iphone 5 to be out on Tues. If all we get is the 4S. Then this will be a gigantic flop for him and Apple. There is plenty of pent up frustration toward Apple at the moment. People will vote with their wallets and Samsung might just be the winner of it. For all intents and purposes the SII is a great phone doing very well. What does it have that the Iphone 5 doesn't? It's out now, it's just as fast, it;s gigantic next to an IP4 or 4S oh and just incase you didn't hear IT'S OUT NOW!!!
One thing Rene mentions is that the 3G came out then the 3GS and that it didn't change form the last one. That's true , that's also 3+ years ago. Now people won't stand for that with the slew of better android phones either out or soon to be in the coming months.
So in the end Both Tim and APPLE need an Iphone5 NOW not later. We will know in 2 days.

Geeks like us who read Apple blogs care and might be frustrated if there isn't another quantum leap in iPhone design and technology.
But the vast majority doesn't know or care. They'll just keep on buying the iPhone they saw on TV, and if it happens to be the iPhone 4S, then fine, they'll take it. Zero frustration.

Are you seriously posting this? You.didn' any of the posts, obviously. I think everyone should just calm down, wait until Tuesday and then go nuts if there is no redesign.

Sorry, seems like a poor reason to jump to me. I'd agree with you if the iPhone 4 or even the iPhone 3GS weren't great products to begin with. I guess I don't need to have the absolute latest and greatest.

Wouldn't be a poor reason at all...same or better specs with a way better screen size like in some of the android phones. If your happy, then stay though.

yeah not a poor reason. and all the polls i saw showed like almost 50% of potential buyers would buy a 4 inch iphone 5, but it fell to only like 14% that would buy just a spec bumped 4

Save me having to buy it then - and I can spend my money on the Nexus Prime, assuming that actually does appear

This is harsh but whatever...if all we get is iPhone 4S I hope it fails. I hope the world wakes up and says this design is over a year old, and it is nothing special any more. The cell phone industry is not a place to keep hanging on old hardware. I don't care what people say, the i4 design is terrible. It DOES have an antenna problem, no matter how ppl spin it. The design is awkward to hold and I get nervous every time I lay it down in fear I'll crack the GLASS BACK! No, at this point I'm fed up with this nonsense! I don't wanna see some apple tool walk across the stage and say "we kept the same design because it's so beautiful and there's nothing else like it..." No there is something on the market just like it...iPhone 4!! IOS 5 couldn't have been that time consuming, they took half the ideas from jailbreak and other apps from the app store ( bye bye basic to-do apps). And "Assistant"? Really? Half the ppl won't use this just like half the ppl don't use the stocks app. This is insane! I hope the world wakes up if this 4S is all we get! They had plenty of time to come up with some new! If 4S is all we get I hope android closes the gap and RIM wakes up and sees the opportunity they have to make a big move. iPhone 4S..I HOPE IT FAILS!!!!!

Very True, and well said. The assistant feature seems cool when it is all wrapped up in a blog post but to be honest the majority of the people won't use this, as with FaceTime. It all sounds good, but is not practical in an everyday situation.

I think that complaints about the legitimate issues with the design of the iPhone 4 (glass back, face sensor, death grip) are a lot more... well, legitimate than general complaining about not changing screen size and form factor. There's no reason these couldn't be fixed in the same form factor, and nothing to indicate they won't be.
Other complaints are less reasonable. Screen size is only one feature. And as for form factor, there's no way it's getting thinner the way iPad 2 did because while iPad 1 in teardowns was shown to actually have empty space inside, the iPhone 4 was stuffed to the gills with hardware, and components wont have shrunk enough yet to make slimming the phone viable.

wow that wasted one minute reading this crap lol. so cause it doesn't look different people won't buy it eh. hmmm let me think about this, oh yea everything that is released doesnt look kinda the same or exactly like past versions. ohh sorry, porsche for 1, you see a big difference in design, didn't think so lol, yet they sell sell sell. so RIM fan boi. go BBM someone, must be someone that uses them that isn't 12 lol.

Im sorry, i dont buy it. It has been too long now, there is no way they spent all this time in it only to have the same basic design. Also there are different teams working on it, so maybe it took a while for the software engineers to finalize os5, but the hardware team won't just be sitting there for the past couple months twiddling their thumbs.

As long as it makes phone calls we are all good. Right...?
FYI. Just noticed it says "FaceTim HD front camera" dunno if that was a joke about Tim Cook or that the E was left off of time... :p

Reset there hardware refresh dates where. cause one release of a phone was put off a few months. so if its the same looks as the 4, the redesign could come june 2012. people assuming things is always a fail, you are one of them lol

What does Georgia think? I'm hoping it's the opposite knowing her track record. I'm still sticking with my prediction. Newly designed iphone 5. If not, hello Nexus Prime.

Well it sounds like I'll wait until a real new phone comes out. Assistant holds absolutely no appeal for me. Starting to sound like this will be a big disappointment this Tuesday.

im hoping for a new design bad, i HATE the i4 glass sandwich design! i keep it in a mophie Air to give it a soft touch back and added heft, i will do the same for the I5 new design or not. i hate really thin phones and phones that are scratch and smudge magnets. i prob will get the i5 design change or not my wife wants my i4 and mophie bad, if it stays same design i will but a juicepack plus black case and use the i4s or whatever till next year. Her phone will be up for a upgrade then and i can get the newer one..
Oh and why the hell are people still standing in the stupid long lines outside apple stores when you can preorder it for delivery on the same day?? i got my 4 delivered to my door on launch day and didnt need to stand anywhere..for the experience? please, i will stay in my falcons slippers and sip my coffee and watch espn until my phone comes home..thats a experience

"iPhones" can mean anything: CDMA/GSM, 16/32/64GB, N94/4S, AT&T/Verizon/Sprint, etc. As carrier employees have noted in various comment threads, the "5" reference in databases can easily be a placeholder.
We've seen credible leaked pictures of the 4 and 4S, but none for the 5 except for mockups. I can't imagine millions of large-screen devices being manufactured without a single leak.

Translation of this post: I live from rumor to rumor and the last one has me bummed out.
You're not looking at the big picture. As others have pointed out, it's a lot different market since the 3GS. Also, this will be the last iPhone with Steve's name on it (the first for Tim too). If they don't bring the 5, it would be a major fail.

WHY would apple come up with a whole new OS, name it "5", and not have a matching "5" device to go along with it?? iPhone 3G and 3GS got iOS 3.x. iPhone 4 has iOS 4.x. iPhone 5 will get 5.x. There must/will be an iPhone 5.

Good point. I can't say it's impossible, but it would be very odd to have the OS at a higher number than the model. If the 5 isn't ready yet, it will be very soon.

Everyone sounds so disappointe because the shape of the phone is staying the same... I actually think that the phone looks muuuuuuuch better than all the competition. I guess that's only my opinion but the design/fabrication is still a year ahead of everyone else. It's so strange to see people prefer plastic to real glass! Plastic is cheap and breaks down! The ip4 glass doesn't even scratch! So I would actually prefer it if thet didn't change the design just for the sake of changing it. The internals, what will actually be making a difference to the user is being updated to the latest tech. I really don't ger what the big issue is... The form factor has already been optimized... why fix what's not broken.

Because its time for bigger screen already MORON!!!!!!! Just because your happy with dated tech 16 month old doesn't mean everyone else is. Its damn time for a upgrade including screen size !!!!!!!!!!!!

My jury is firmly out on this one. I love the design of the 4, but after this length of time I think I'd like to see a new one. Apple had (still has) the opportunity to again rule the mobile market with a cheaper 4S model, and a new, higher priced 5. If they go with 'just' the 4S, they won't lose ground, but they won't break new ground either. Even with iCloud, iOS5 yadda yadda, it's a little too much same same.

Absolutely well-said. This over "DIE APPLE DIE" and "NO IPHONE 5 AND I HOPE THERE (intentional spelling error to properly mimic the flameboyz) COMPANY BURNS TO THE GROUND".

Have you seen the specs for the samsung galaxy s2 lte or the hd? Or even the nexus prime. I like my iphone but hate the screen size especially after playing w the original galaxy s.

Yes, the iPhone 3GS sold "fantastically" well. But that was in market conditions way different than today. With Android dominating smartphone sales and Windows Mobile 7/7.5 starting to gain some momentum, Apple will lose market share unless they put out an iPhone 5 with specs to match a top-end Android smartphone.
Specs like 1.5+ GHz dual-core CPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP camera, 1080p video recording etc. have become commonplace for top-end Android devices.
With Ice Cream Sandwich close to release, Apple needs to release an iPhone 5 to sustain their market position.

Epic fail Apple if all Tim Cook is going to be holding up is a S model iPhone 4. If that is true FU Apple FU!!!!!!!

My feeling all along was that the fancy design we have seen floating around is the new Touch. The current chrome backing is nothing but a scratch magnet. Plus, the larger screen would serve to differentiate the Touch as a product worth owning alongside the iPhone and iPad. The increased size and pocketability make for an appealing ereader. At this point, I find little to like about iBooks because I can't take my books with me in a way that makes sense. The iPad is too big, the iPhone is too small. If they toss in a data plan, the Touch could see a massive increase in sales. That extra space also means more room for memory, thus making the Classic unnecessary.

I agree with you that the hype is generated by the consumers and the journalists, so we have ourselves to blame there. But Apple certainly contributed to it.
First, Apple knows the anticipation for their “one more thing” tends to be huge (and bases a large part of their marketing on that). They depend on this anticipation to sell theirs products. Second, after releasing iPhones on a regular yearly schedule, they now shake it up a bit extending that schedule nearly a year and a half in this case, which only stokes anticipation even more and suggests the next release will be a big improvement. Third, if it turns out that Apple uses this extra time only to readjust their release schedule or build pressure to purchase instead of implementing substantial hardware improvements, Apple carelessly risks a significant backlash against what is now their flagship product. The only thing that could stem significant disappointment in this case is some amazing software that doesn’t require brand new hardware to run it.
That being said, I'm expecting new and significantly upgraded hardware.

everyone in the market for consumers to investors expects an iphone 5 it would be a colossal failure and an it makes zero sense to only have a 4s. Not only that it would be seen globally by every investor that thinks apple is so well run to be a massive failure of management and a refletion on Cook and the direction of the company. Especially when coupled with the massive growth of android, the dominant market share holder in the smart phone space. I see zero to think there will only be a 4s. especially given all the leaks i've seen.

I think the iPhone 4s will be the bargain version with just the updated processor and the 5 will be the redesigned version with bigger screen, a5, double ram, 8 meg camera and 4g in its current form.

I had a specific picture in mind with a label in the battery case identifying it as a 16GB iPhone 4S (white). I forgot where I saw it and it would take too long to search for it (I found a picture of the label, but not the uncropped picture of the whole phone here: By "credible," I meant credibly sourced. I would trust a picture of the rumored device over a picture of a case any day. As Gruber has pointed out, many case manufacturers are willing to make short runs of cases based on nothing but CAD specs. Companies like Case Mate get attention for their leaks, regardless of their accuracy. In any case (no pun intended), I think it would be extremely hard to keep a massive run of large screen devices under wraps for this long without at least one leak from Mr. Blurrycam.
What qualifies someone to refer to a product line in the plural doesn't have to be something that you or I agree with. I think we both agree that there is more than one iPhone being released, but I happen to think that they're the N94 and the 4S, while you seem to think they're the 4S and the 5. I don't buy the 5 due to the lack of dual Qualcomm chipsets that support LTE being available (or rather, that Apple was unsatisfied with the chipset's battery drain), and the fact that LTE is pretty much Verizon-only this year.
I addressed the database screenshots in my previous comment. There have been employees from different carriers observing that only top executives would be privy to the exact products being released, so the inventory systems are populated with placeholder names by rank-and-file employees.

I don't buy it. There will be an iP5. I am itching for a new iPhone and one without a bigger screen doesn't cut it. iOS 5 is not that big of a deal either (been running the beta since it came out). I will probably switch on over to the Nexus Prime if the iPhone update is as meager as this post suggests. However, I am confident that this post is dead wrong. So much so, that I will buy Apple stock on Monday. It has hit a lull over the past few days and is due for a bounce - which should coincide with a new iPhone announcement.

I'm perfectly content--more than happy, even--with my iPhone 4. I don't want or need a "better" phone, the form factor and screen size are just right for me. I'm not one of those that are "holding out" for an iPhone 5 and who's going to "jump ship" because of this announcement. Sorry, but not every iPhone user is like you in that they HAVE to have something bigger and better.

I will say wait and test them both when its released, now if you want the Iphone 5 and they show the same 4S take your pick from the 2 since im pretty sure Iphone 4S or 5 will be a good phone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is another great phone for android.

Damn, I'd be upset if they didn't release an iPhone 5. However, if they don't release it I'd still by the iPhone 4S, only because I been waiting for this new phone since June.

There is absolutely positively undoubtedly going to be a brand new iPhone 5 announced Tuesday. The days when Apple could keep the same body for 2 years straight are gone forever, never to return. Samsung, HTC even Motorola are putting out very compelling devices and consumers are buying them by the millions and the carriers are pushing them hard. Apple would lose millions of loyal fans to Android if they only releases a 4S. Making the extremely loyal and passionate Apple fans wait an extra 5 months just to improve the specs would be as likely as them releasing an iPhone with a physical keyboard that runs flash with carrier branding all over it-no ways thats going to happen.

Totally looking forward to watching all the whiners go buy Android that they can have fun and continue whining when they don't get the next Android os update because of fragmentation. Buhbye now.

It's possible that Apple decided to spend 2 years on the next-gen iPhone for 2012. They needed to handle various 2011 complications like the Verizon iPhone rollout (and probably also a China Unicom version), and updating the existing iPhone 4 was the easiest and least-risky way to do that.
There are two other factors I can think of that would favor keeping the same basic chassis and just upgrading key components this year. First, there will be less factory downtime. Changing over to a totally new design requires many changes to the assembly line process, and that takes a lot of time to smooth out before ramping up production. In the meantime, demand exceeds supply and Apple can't sell as many iPhones as they would like to. Minimizing the number of changes will keep production high.
Second, we've all heard about Apple's deals with Sharp for LCD panels. And also about the legal battles with Samsung. Well, it takes a long time to build a factory, and Apple could easily have commissioned Sharp to build a factory specifically for iPhone LCD panel production. That takes time.
But really. Specs shmecks. Apple's hardware products are just snapshots of where their design team is at the moment. The two things we'll remember about Apple's products in 2011 will be 1) PC Free and 2) iCloud. Together they'll really bring iOS devices into the post-PC era.

The delay in releasing a new iPhone makes NO SENSE if all we are going to get is a 4S. Why? Because Apple would have had no problems having a 4S ready in June. No problems at all.
A significant hardware change/spec bump is the only explanation I can see.

Microsoft would kill to have the mindshare Apple has now. Apple can stir the tech media into a frenzy without uttering a single word. You can't buy that kind of hype.

The iPhone release delay (from June) makes NO SENSE without a significant hardware change.
A slightly spec-bumped iPhone 4S could easily have been released in June. No problem.

I, for one, would be fine with an iPhone "4S." I think the iPhone 4 is a gorgeous phone and mine has held up great for the past year. In fact, this is the longest I've EVER had a phone without getting tired of it. :)
I'll be getting the next iPhone on February 25th (my upgrade date) regardless of whether or not it's a "5" or a "4S."

This is never going to happen but i hope that the iPhone 4S is really an iPhone 4 with a slide out keyboard. This would be the best thing ever even if it was a little bulky.

What I don't get is why anyone would buy a 4S if they can just buy a 5...(or a 4).
The 4S won't sell unless it's Cheaper then the current 4. But then, why buy a 4S if you can just get a 4 cheaper than?
I think the 4S is a mistake all around unless Apple's intention is to end it's current 4 line and sell it at a good discount of even the current 4.

Exactly...the iPhone 4S serves NO PURPOSE alongside an iPhone 5. It won't be cheap enough to be the low end phone.
My guess, apple will release the 4S, and do some iPod Touch 4 cheapening of the iPhone 4 (non-IPS screen), less memory, less Ram, and there you have your 2011 iPhone high end/low end phones.

I honesty think that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 AND the iPhone 4S. There's evidence of both. It seems that all of the case leaks for the iPhone 5 are the same so maybe it will actually look like that. As for the iPhone 4S, the evidence inside of the iTunes beta seems to make sense. So iPhone 5 will be the new iPhone for this year, iPhone 4S will be the second choice, lower priced iPhone and the original iPhone 4 might just disappear. iPhone 4S could be replacing it due to it's antenna issues that are still present among most iPhone 4's.

I disagree...the evidence points to iPhone 4s ONLY. All of the iPhone 5 evidence is circumstantial (some telco company puts "iPhone 5" in their system, some case manufacturer made a case leaked to the supposed iPhone 5 specs, some journalist saw a teardrop iPhone with a bigger screen (probably just a prototype).
Apple accidentally leaked the name iPhone 4S in their latest beta of mention of iPhone 5. Apple is known to be a pretty conservative company.
I am highly disappointed, but it looks like we should not be expecting a kickass upgrade on Tuesday...I own a 3GS, and will upgrade to the 4S...but I'll be disappointed.

I have the iPhone 4 and Im still under contract for about 9 months so until then I'm fine. Yes I want the latest and greatest but Im not gonna pay out that much. iPhone 4 is very good phone. Still a major luxury compared to other phones

Hehe, Rene is setting us up for the "big surprise" that will be the new iPhone 5, so he can come here and say "Apple is so incredibly fantastic and awesome that when everybody though that there was no iPhone 5, they lauched two awesome incredible phones, the 4S and the 5. Just incredible and awesome".
Classic Rene.

Every time I read an article in here that I think is stupid, I check the name and it's always Rene

I went from iPhone to blackberry to iPhone 4, Even if you wanted to jump ships you would return to iOS, apples iPhones work perfect to be honest of they didn't release a iPhone for the next 3 years I would be happy with my iPhone 4.
Think about it like this, many people stayed on Their iPhone 2Gs and 3Gs still the iPhone 4 released, and now cause you've waited a year and a few months you want to jump ship? You expect to much from Apple honestly, and why didn't you jump ship before?

So you're dismissing the possibility of a redesign in the face of the following evidence:

  1. Several reports of iPhone 5 manufacturing delays
  2. Several reports showing "iPhone 5" appearing on AT&T's inventory
  3. Several reports showing "iPhone 5" appearing on Sprint's inventory
  4. Several reports showing "iPhone 5" appearing on Radio Shack's inventory
  5. Several case manufacturers investing and designing products for the "iPhone 5"
  6. Chinese Unicom confirmed the existence of the iPhone 5

Then there's circumstantial evidence as well:

  1. Tim Cook needs to bring his game. This is his first official rodeo and it won't be a dud.
  2. 16 months is a long time for a spec-bump
  3. Why would so many company's invest money to design and produce accessories for a phone that isn't going to be released?
  4. Can Apple really afford to wait another 12 months while their competitors continue to produce quality competition?

Sure, there will be a iPhone 4S, but it won't be the star of the show this Tuesday.

I could care less about a redesign. I actually plan on keeping my 4. I would buy the 5 only if they gave it an extraordinary battery. To me, that is a completely new phone and I'd be satisfied with that. Other than that, I believe apple might not even release a an iPhone 4s. They might just talk Icloud and introduce some breakthrough new software features and then release gm oct. 12 With an iOS release set for the 24th. This way, they are able to get back to their June launch frame.

I don't care if they call the 4's successor, the 4S, the 5 or any other name. And to be honest, unless there's a good reason to change the external form factor I could care less. They can make the screen about 4/10 of an inch larger from the looks of things. More than big enough. They can up the rear and front camera's capabilities, throw in a dual core cpu without seriously compromising battery life. That is not enough to get me to bite. Regular ATT users maybe to get the faster 3.5G network speeds but not for a Verizon iPhone owner. I need to see something more substantial to bother and I can bother most definitely. I have 3 accounts on my family plan eligible for an upgrade but it needs to be worthy.

you do realize Tim Cook has been CEO only for like a month or two. Apple designs products on a long-term basis. You honestly believe Tim Cooke was majorly involved in development of the iPhone 5 / 4S? Get real. Plus the fact that SJ is still Chairman of Apple's board & an Apple employee, he's involved in long-term strategic directions for the company.
Whatever products Apple has in the pipeline for the next couple of years, has SJ's involvement far more than Tim Cooke's. Whatever products Apple introduces in 2013 is what Tim Cooke can be judged by.

yeah well it wasn't from the start so stop looking in the past. It' s here now and that's all that matters.

Might not the 4S just be the new $99 phone after the 5?
Look at it this way. Since they've already established the practice of leaving the "last generation" as the cheap phone, maybe the 4S as a GSM/CDMA phone is just a way for them to not have to keep manufacturing separate GSM and CDMA phones and just having one production line for the "cheapie". Just a streamling of production.
And then have a new redesigned iPhone 5 as the big intro.

I'm not disagreeing with you in thinking that people won't judge him. They will. All I'm saying is they would be wrong to do & it would lack any sense of reasoning to judge him this early in the game given the fact that he's only been CEO no longer than two months.

The only way they will learn is if their stock plummets after a disappointment.
They didn't get near the slack they should have gotten with the i4 design. The proximity and death grip issue were REAL. I cannot use my i4 w/o a bumper and it still drops or mutes call on me with the proximity sensor issue.
Did they fix it? NO! Not even a warrantied phone did it. The i4S should have been the i4 that should have come out WITH the release of the iPad to fix the issues. After all its not a complete design change. But then again. If they update too fast, they will not sell as much.
After 15 months, I kinda expect a bigger upgrade. When is i6 coming out? 15 more months after this one?

you're absolutely retarded. Ive had mine since launch day, and I work in construction. No case or anything, minus a few scratches on the back, the front and aluminum band is absolutely perfect.
And the deathgrip issue isn't even relevent anywhere but the US anyway. I can hold my phone any way I want and it works.

everyone breathe. we will know in two days. in, fact, closer to one day. at the end of the day, its just a cell phone...and im sure we all have much bigger problems in our day-to-day than a cell phone.
(and this is coming from someone who is UNBELIEVABLY excited about Tuesday's announcement.)

I must say...... iPhone 4 still runs "All" the apps that I use and get. I don't feel my iPhone 4 is outdated or really that slow. I think the creativity of the developers creating apps keeps me satisified with new experiences and entertainment for my iPhone 4. Another example is the xbox 360.... It has been around for quite a few years, and thanks to the game developers, it has met my expectations. I'd hate to imagine having to buy a new console every year.
A brand new experience..... I never thought I would ever jailbreak my iphone, but I decided to try it about a week ago. I feel like I have a new iphone after making some changes to the iPhone with a new theme look and some tweaks. There are so many cool things that people have created and so many tweaks that I have found useful and entertaining.
I am personally still satisified with my iphone 4. I can manage waiting until next year for a new revamped iphone. Just like with my iPad 2..... it meets all my demands but one... a retina display.
I've come to think that every 2 years we will see a new design of iPhone with slightly modified systems in-between. I think rumors create high expectations, and journalists share the rumors which is normal... That's News, but "WE (not everyone)" are the ones that "expect" things to happen when we hear about it, to later be disappointed by the actual facts. There is no reason to fault Apple for this. "We decide what to believe". I think if the competition was more aggressive with inovation, you would see more changes and more often. As for now, Apple is in no rush to release major changes. They know what they have and sales are still strong. You also have to stop and think that not all rumors are false. I'm sure there is an iPad with retina display and an iPhone 5 or a wider screen iPhone, it's just not ready to be released yet.
I think Apple is still doing a fantastic job. I haven't switched to anything else since the iPhone 3G was released. I'm a satisfied customer to this date.

I don't care about fast processors or screen or new design. MORE RAM!!!!!! The fact that I still have to look at gray checker board when scrolling websites..........ON MY EFFING IPAD 2!!!!!! Is ridiculous.

I really don't understand how you came to this conclusion, plain and simple Apple is losing their base to android, so Apple being the genius Corp. That they are are going to do what it takes to get that base back... Answer will be iPhone 5, thinner faster, and higher quality, you can't do that with an old model

The invitation is clear. 4 symbols plus a 1 in Superscript. Equals iPhone 4S. Another year before iPhone 5.

If a iPhone 4S just comes out, I'm going to be very disappointed with Apple. It would make sense if they just release to iPhones..
Make it make sense with the new iOS 5.
iOS 5 : iPhone 5?
Anyone seeing the picture here..

I was with you up until your LTE/4G argument. No. Apple has already been installing LTE servers into their retail stores. 4G will be part of the new iPhone.

I like how no one was whining about a larger screen until last week. Suddenly it's the "must have" feature.

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