How to setup an AT&T account for cellular data on iPad 3G

How to setup an AT&T account on iPad 3G

Curious how to setup an AT&T account on Apple's iPad Wi-Fi + 3G so you can get going with cellular data? Dieter's going to take you through it, step by step, in fine video form after the break.

  1. Either tap the popup that asks if you want to setup a 3G on startup, or tap the Settings app.
  2. Go to Cellular Data
  3. Tap view account (and then wait, it takes a while).
  4. Enter your user personal info and credit cards details and create a login.
  5. Choose your plan, $14.99 for 256mb or $29.99 for unlimited
  6. Remember, it rolls-over automatically so you'll get billed again next month!
  7. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the terms of service (seriously?) and tap to agree.
  8. Add international data if you're a traveler.
  9. Wait for them to notify you when it's complete.
  10. Once you get the notification, you are good to go!
  11. (If you want to, you can go back to Settings and make changes to your account).

Done? Done! Let us know how it worked for you!

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How to setup an AT&T account for cellular data on iPad 3G


There's no contract and yes, you can "buy" one month and choose 256MB, cancel and get the unlimited data 3 months later for another 30 days, cancel and whenever you need 3G again, sign back up for either 250MB or unlimited. It's almost a pre-paid atmosphere. ;)

Shirley if you wanna roam with a 3G iPad, you should just get a Canadian/Italian/Foreignish microSIM?
If you need a credit or debit card from the respective country or something loony like that, the telcos should be overrun à la French Revolution 1789.

It failed. Claimed it lost the connection although a lll other browsing, mail and such is fine. First day jitters?

Guys why dont you buy a 3G pocket wifi router!!!! I use it and can connect 5 device. Always in my pocket.

Will it work with a random micro sim or does the carrier have to support the apple business model where you pre pay for data.
Will it just work out the box with any micro sim?

@Reshad: the 3G iPad also includes a compass and GPS. You don't get that with the wifi 3G router + the wifi iPad. Also, most of those pocket routers require a contract. The iPad 3G has no contract requirements.

One could also jailbreak their iPhone to use it as a mobile hotspot.
I can't wait until somebody uses the 3g ipad as their cell phone (with google voice and a bluetooth headset) $30 a month suddenly doesn't look too bad. You would need to carry around a man purse everywhere you go though!

@Siehead I have used my JB iPhone as my mobile hotspot which is why I chose to NOT give AT&T more money for shady service. Got to love the WiFi iPad + JB iPhone combo!

@Brian be careful with that JB iPhone moblie hotspot I did it and got caught by AT&T. And got a fat bill and cut off. Gl with that.

Mine goes straight to login and password, without giving me an option to enter info. Anyone know how to fix it?

I was out of down last month and bought the lowes amount for the 30 days. Well, of course , I ran out of that right now. So I go into site, give my I.d. And password, and it keeps coming up that it is wrong! What do I do now I don't wish to have this right now?

I just purched my second ipad and i need to know if i can use the same plan for both my ipads. my wife and i switch up on useing them

Any one!pls help me.pls give example password for crate new account iPad.really confused.pls...