Shadowgun: Deadzone leaping from iOS and bringing multiplayer shootout to the Mac

Shadowgun: Deadzone, the work of the excellent Madfinger Games, is to make the jump from mobile to desktop, and will be available for the Mac sometime in the coming days. From today, the game is playable to PC gamers and anyone on Facebook, and it loses nothing of the mobile version in making the transition. Better yet, current players won't lose out on progress they've already made:

Players are able to play the game with a single user account across all platforms. This means that current mobile players can keep their present account and continue playing Shadowgun: DeadZone on their desktops or Facebook, all with the same account - ranks, gold, money, bought items, etc,

On mobile, Shadowgun: Deadzone looks pretty astonishing, but that touchscreen control system just doesn't suit everyone. The move to the PC and Mac could open a few more doors, and it's definitely one we'll be taking a look at when it drops. PC gamers can already download a copy from the Madfinger Games website, and the Mac version will be available through the Mac App Store hopefully later this week. Who's excited for this one?

Source: Madfinger Games

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Shadowgun: Deadzone leaping from iOS and bringing multiplayer shootout to the Mac