Shaq spends $1,000 a week on iPhone apps!

Shaquille O'Neal has been talking tech at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and it turns out he's something of an app addict! Speaking on video with the folks at the Wall Street Journal, Shaq says he spends about $1,000 a week on apps for his iPhone. Sure, he's not exactly short of cash, but that is a pretty insane spend even for a self-confessed geek with a huge wallet.

So what does Shaq take a fancy to on his iPhone then? Well, deer hunting games seem to be top of the pile. Away from apps, Shaq is a big tech fan, particularly of the Apple variety. He's waiting for the iWatch, and even recalls how he called Steve Jobs personally before the iPod and iPhone came out trying his best to get the products early!

Check the interview out in full in the video up top. Going back to app spend, though; what's the most you've spent in a week on apps for your iPhone?

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Reader comments

Shaq spends $1,000 a week on iPhone apps!


A man with a size 23 shoe uses an iPhone?

Good for you Shaq. Maybe pop that SIM card into an iPad mini and you'll have a more appropriately proportioned "phone".

Interesting point. Especially considering the options on the market;)
It would be damn near impossible to spend $1k/week in the Play Store....for more than two weeks. Unless, of course, you need every boot/ROM/toolbox in existence :-)
Kinda shows off the variations of the App Store, eh?

I'm happy to see interviews like this. I like that fact that he's interested in Tech and playing a role in the growth. I'm willing to bet he's (one of the many) waiting for a bigger iPhone!

What would really make my day is a photo of the iPhone in his hand. Sweet baby Jesus.

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Out of everything in the App Store, why Deer hunter apps? And the most ever spent on apps in a single week was $30. But that was in the Mac App Store. For my iPad, it would be around $10. And I usually only buy apps every few months, not weekly.

Shaq should really start his own Youtube/like broadcast to cover the apps he purchases--or hire someone to do it!

I'm genuinely curious on how someone can spend $1000/week on apps, consistently. In-game purchases aside that is...

I'm far from an app hoarder lol. I buy so sporadically I guess I'd have to average out my app purchases and say about $5/week. I don't buy apps often and usually only get apps I know I'm going to use. I'm also not afraid to buy $10-15 apps if I know I am going to use it.

He seems like a humble person, but I think it's unjust for individuals to have such vast amounts of wealth. And yet a great majority of workers only receive slave wages.