How To: Share iPhone 3G S Video via Mobile Me

iphone 3g s mobileme video sharing

We're figuring a lot of folks will default to the ubiquitous YouTube for iPhone 3G S video sharing, since Apple was user-minded enough to include it in the options. But for those who want pristine QuickTime quality, the Mobile Me news blog has you covered:

The new iPhone 3G S lets you shoot video in addition to photos, and sharing those videos on your MobileMe Gallery works exactly the same. From your camera roll choose what you want to share — video or photo — tap the arrow in the lower left corner, and choose Send to MobileMe. Enter a title, choose the album you want to publish to, and tap Publish. (If there are no albums in your Gallery, one called "New Album" will be automatically created.) Click here to learn more about Gallery.

If you're sharing some iPhone 3G S video, let us know how you like the quality, and the MobileMe gallery uploads.

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How To: Share iPhone 3G S Video via Mobile Me


I think it's 2 gigs PER video, which is A long time.. like an hour i think.
IF you do reach your max on that good news is,... just shoot another one! as long as your iPhone can hold it :P

I took video with my 3GS and emailed it to family that owns a PC. They downloaded Quicktime for PC, installed it, but when they tried to play the file I sent, it gave an error message about some type of missing compressor file(s).
Any ideas what I need to do on the PC? THANKS.

The quality of the video that I posted on mobile me has prompted some of the 3G owners I know to go ahead and take the dive into the 3GS.
since i have the mobile me I do not need to send a whole video. I get to just send a link to the video.

iPhone 3G can receive also send Video Messages. Atleast I know it does on o2.
Unfortunately no editing but you do get the timeline preview.

I sent my first video to an already established album iun mobile me. One issue is that it placed it at the end of the album, when I want all my newest photos now videos in chronological order from newest to oldest. Another issue is a link was sent to to everyone when I shared it, and when I sent the link to myself and clicked on it, using my iPhone it seemed to get lost on the page, when I tried from my PC, it seemed to work fine through but not so well through e-mail to link.
There needs to be some fixing up of the process and some added features, but maybe if I used safari for everything I would not have so many problems. I also directly mailed it BTW, and that worked well, but my 15 second clip was 2MB after compression, however the quality was still pretty good.

3GS video is of reasonable quality and it's hard to beat the convenience. Video editing that I heard a lot about is rudimentary: trim off the beginning or the end. You can easily upload video to your MobileMe gallery or YouTube. If you have appletv you can view your iPhone photos on MobileMe galleries but unfortunately you can't view the video. Hopefuly they will update this feature soon. I find it pretty disapointing that the appletv doesn't support this feature. You can work around it by uploading to YouTube and the watching on appletv.

I have 2 m-me accounts - my primary and one I use for stalking.
The primary account is the one I have setup on my 3gs for Find My iPhone, Calendar, Gallery, etc, but for some unknown reason my phone wants to only publish my videos to my stalker account? I mean, who wants to see videos of their kids having fun on the 4th along with all those questionable pictures and angry emails threatening legal action; am I right?
Anyway, I can't find anywhere to change this setting to publish to my primary m-me account. Anyone have an idea where I'm going wrong?
(oh, this is the stalker account FYI)
(oh, and it may not be clear from my post, but I am just kidding)
(oh, unless your hot and into that sort of thing...then...well, we can talk)

Although perhaps funny in a twisted way... some topics just shouldn't be joked about. Keep things on topic. There is no need to waste your time putting out nonsense, creating the possibility of upsetting others, and perhaps destroying what is a helpful page for others.

I have a MobileMe account and my wife has an iPhone. We installed the MobileMe Gallery app on her iPhone and logged in using my credentials. When we click the arrow on a video, the only sharing options we get are youtube, email, etc --- but MobileMe is not an option ..... I've searched google but can't find any solution --- any ideas?