Sharknado might be sucktastic, but here are some great iTunes shark movies to chomp on!

So, apparently something called Sharknado happened last night on SyFy and it has the Internets ablaze. It's a straight-to-TV shark flick starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid – needing the work, possibly? – that sees a massive tornado that hits Los Angeles throwing a ton of huge, vicious sharks in to the city streets. I know, right? Truth is, it's pretty sucktastic; so bad it's actually pretty awesome.

After all that, you're probably hungry for some more shark filled action, and the good news is iTunes has you covered! So, here's a selection of the great – and the not so great – shark movies you can rent or buy from the iTunes store this weekend. We accept no responsibility for the quality of some of these movies, but hey, they're still pretty fun, and some even have girls in bikinis! You have been warned!

And coming with a special recommendation from CrackBerry's Adam Zeis:

Got any recommendations for other shark movies that'll make us want to laugh, cry, or both? Drop them into the comments below!

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Sharknado might be sucktastic, but here are some great iTunes shark movies to chomp on!


Best (in terms of campiest) shark movie in my opinion: Megaladon!

I'd you decide to give it a try (and can find it somewhere), make sure your brain cells are well deadened before you click play. Or, just fast forward to the last 10 minutes.

Anyone ever seen Piranha? It was so ridiculous I couldn't stop watching...

Elizabeth Shue was never any good after Adventures in Babysitting, sigh...