Shazam updates with Rdio support

Shazam updates with Rdio support

Shazam has been updated, adding Rdio support and other improvements. Connect Shazam with Rdio to listen to tracks on Rdio, and create a playlist out of the music you discover. Just tap Listen on Rdio to start.

Other, smaller improvements have also been made with this release. Sharing tags with email now includes large cover art for tracks and links to Shazam's website for videos and related media. The display of TV results from News has been fixed. YouTube video playback on iPad has been restored. iPhone 4 users experiencing disappearing navigation on the Explore screen will find that this has been corrected as well.

You can grab the update from the App Store now.

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Shazam updates with Rdio support


I use Soundhound. I think Soundhound has a better music recognition software than Shazam. In my experience, it only takes a few lines for Soundhound to give me a match, but when it comes to Shazam, it usually takes a couple of tries with the same lines I'm feeding Soundhound before it gives me the results.

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