Sherpa becomes Osito: A predictive intelligence app that makes your iPhone even smarter

Sherpa becomes Osito: A predictive intelligence app that makes your iPhone even smarter

Osito, formerly known as Sherpa, is a predictive intelligence iPhone app that grabs the important information about your day-to-day life and keeps you informed about what's happening next. For example, if you have an important meeting 30 minutes away, Osito will let you know if you need to leave early because of traffic and inform you about the weather conditions at the location of your meeting.

Osito learns what you need based on your location, calendar, email, and daily routine. That's right, Osito will learn your commute and give you a heads-up if you need to make any adjustments due to traffic or weather.

If you're traveling, Osito will alert you about your flight 24-hours before departure and bring up your travel itinerary and boarding pass when you arrive at the airport.

Not only does Osito keep you informed about your day, it also includes actionable items such as checking into your flight, calling a taxi, 1-click directions to your hotel, and more.

I am very excited to see Osito in action. I've only just downloaded the app, so it hasn't done much for me, but it'll be interesting to see how Osito performs in the coming weeks.

Has anyone picked up Osito, yet? What do you think?

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Reader comments

Sherpa becomes Osito: A predictive intelligence app that makes your iPhone even smarter


This is what Siri should do. I think this is a cool app and should be exciting. I'm planning to download, I'm wonder if the app offer in app purchase. I'm always a little leery about most free apps.

Won't connect to my gmail account, poor documentation, I don't even know what it will do... does it need some time to "predict" what I'll be doing ? I mean should I set an appointment like "going home" with a specific time and location to exepct it to tell me if the traffic's gonna be bad or something ?

May do the same...battery life appears to be taking a huge hit with it, but I'll give it a day or two of appointments and such to see if the price is worth it.

Osito won't get started for me, either. :-(
I came across this article and thought something like this would be pretty cool. Especially because it wasn't from Google. But unfortunately, the App doesn't work how I expected. Nothing flows. Fix and work out the bugs and this could potentially be pretty great.

It must order to predict events from your calendar and mail, Osoito needs to have access to that data beforehand.

It is no more or less creepy than Tempo or Google Now in that respect -- just a different company to decide you trust looking through your data, or not.

My thoughts exactly.

The concept sounds excellent, but I would have to see the data privacy stuff. I like using my phone as a digital assistant, but I don't like the idea of giving that data "for free".

An article was written on an app that looks and acts identical to Google now and there's no mention of Google now? Lol

And that really surprises you? Truly?

On another note, if Google were Apple, they would have sued the makers of Osito by now...

The application works for me just fine. You need to wait 24 to 48 hours. Like they say, if you have a meeting and you promptly started, you may not get the card as you are on time. I think you shouold go to the accounts after installing and giving access to calendar, Gmail etc and create a login and password for OSITO.

It works fine and I like this over Google Now as it is gives what I really want and does not drain battery like Google Now. Plus it accesses the entire calendar and not like Google Now, where it only accesses gmail over the air and not from the phone calendar App.

And since it is made for iOS, it is tightly integrated and the Apple Map shows up for directions than on Google Now, it shows the Google Map. Nice theme too. I like the weather predictions like when its gonna rain and so on. It is pretty accurate too.

Hope to see new features coming to this app.