Sicher from the IM+ team promises to keep your messages 'super-safe'

Sicher from the IM+ team promises to keep your messages 'super-safe'

Sicher, a new "super-safe" messenger has arrived today on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices. Sicher (pronounced "Zee-her") comes from the team behind IM+ and brings free, encrypted chats and file transfers to users. Using the app, you'll be able to chat, send files, photos and voice messages to other users. Sicher goes so far as to not show incoming messages on your lock screen (only an alert) so you have to open the app to get the full message. Sicher features secure end-to-end encryption of messages, files and group chats, anonymous push notifications and self-destruction message settings.

Only your peer, the holder of original private key, can decrypt the message you sent. Moreover, once your peer receives the message, we delete all of its traces from our servers. And there's a self-destruction timer for everything you send, as well as an option to force-purge existing conversation. The only way for third-party to see your communication is the app on your smartphone, so if Sicher is your primary secure messaging tool, we recommend to set a device-level password in application settings to prevent unauthorized opening of the app. The password itself and the data stored on device are also heavily encrypted.

Nothing is stored on servers, so once your messages are delivered, any trace gets deleted and it can only be read by the recipient. Sicher uses contact matching via phone numbers in your address book to find your friends, so you'll have to have some digits before you can start chatting things up with your buddies.

Sicher is available now as a free download from the App Store, though future versions may offer in-app purchases for non-core functionality.

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Sicher from the IM+ team promises to keep your messages 'super-safe'


Coming from a German developer, the app's name, Sicher, translates to "safe" and is pronounced "si-cher" ("si" as in Sith, and "ch" sounds like a cat's hiss).

It really annoys me when messaging apps require me to use my phone number. I mean I understand why, so it's easy to find other users. However, if I wanted to chat with someone from a message board site, I don't want to be giving out my personal phone number.