Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies takes flight for iOS Nov. 7 for $4.99

Sid Meier's Air Patrol: Pacific Skies takes flight for iOS Nov. 7 for $4.99

2K and Firaxis Games announced Tuesday that the new Sid Meier game will launch on iOS on November 7th for $4.99. Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies brings you turn-based airplane dogfighting action circa World War II, and unlike the first game in the series, it isn't crippled by In-App Purchases.

Ace Patrol puts you in charge of airplane squadrons as they fight their foes through a number of increasingly challenging missions. With each turn, you determine how the squad will move - climb, dive, do aerobatic maneuvers like jukes and loops, and more, depending on the skills of the pilot.

Earlier this month, Polygon interviewed the legendary game designer Sid Meier about the game series, which debuted earlier this year on iOS, later coming to PC through Steam. Meier explained that while the earlier game was a free download and used In-App Purchases to garner income from players, they're just going to charge a fair price up front for the new game. Meier says that he wants to get players past the suspicion about a "catch" in the game.

You don't want to let yourself have too much fun because you're afraid that you're going to run into that moment, all of a sudden, when you're really enjoying the game, something's going to pop up and say, 'Hey! Now you gotta do this!'

The new game will initially make its debut on Windows - once again, via Steam - for $4.99 on November 5th. The iOS version is released two days later.

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Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies takes flight for iOS Nov. 7 for $4.99


Thank goodness! Hopefully this game sells well and the model will start looking attractive to developers again.

I'll buy this damn game for the simple fact there are no in-crap purchases. That horrible gaming model has to go - it'll end up killing real gaming.