Sideways for iPad by Bjango now in App Store [Update: give away]

Sideways racer by Bjango now in App Store

Bjango's new racing game for iPad, Sideways, is now available in the App Store. Harkening back to the top-view racers of classic arcades, it keeps the same great emphasis on gameplay but puts the pedal to the metal on gorgeous graphics, immersive sound, and multi-touch iPad controls.

  • 9 full race tracks, plus training track and credits track.
  • Up to 10 cars on track at once.
  • 3 game modes: League, Knockout and Time Trial.
  • Nitro boosts, destructive pick-ups and… well… lots of carnage.
  • Silky smooth 60fps graphics on iPad 1 and iPad 2.
  • Extra goodness and fully anti-aliased graphics on iPad 2.
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
  • Use left and right buttons or swiping to steer.
  • Left and right handed controls.

The controls in Sideways, both tap and swipe versions, can take a lap or two -- or in my case race or two -- to get used to but after that, every drift, dodge, and drive, never mind corner, collision, and crash you get into is loads of fun. I had the pleasure of beta testing Sideways for the last couple of weeks, and while I'm so bad at racing games I sometimes wonder how I'm allowed to drive a real car, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Bjango's Marc Edwards was kind enough to talk to us about Sideways on the iPad Live podcast last night, which is already available ( and will be up here on the site later today. Go grab the game, then go listen to us talk about it!

UPDATE: Bjango was kind enough to give us some promo codes to give away. Want Sideways for free? Just head on over to Twitter and re-tweet this:

Want a Sideways promo code? Follow @Bjango @TiPb and RT to enter!

We'll pick a bunch of you tomorrow and DM you codes.

Video and screenshots after the break!

[$1.99 on sale - iTunes link]

[via iTunes]

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Sideways for iPad by Bjango now in App Store [Update: give away]


I love this game and play a lot but you cannot ebrake and gas at the same time, makes no sense. Even though it seems to be working for you in the game ebrake should only be used to brake traction in the beginning and then feathering the gas pedal afterwards if it were to be realistic. Holding the ebrake throughout the entire turn would really just stop the car.