Signal shows off console-style gamepad for iOS at #CESlive

Signal is a brand new MFi controller designed for iOS - it's a full-sized game controller that looks a lot like one you might find on an Xbox. It's got dual thumbsticks, a d-pad, action buttons, shoulder buttons and works with any iOS 7 game that supports MFi game controllers. Georgia gets her hands on a pre-production unit!

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Peter Cohen

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zdn1042 says:

Good. Another MFi controller. More competition = better products.
I just hope there's no kind of unified pricing talk going on amongst them though since all these all these products are being priced at $ 99 which is really quite stiff for a controller.

Becjr says:

I like the familiarity of this MFi controller. It looks like it might be quite light to hold. My concern that I keep coming back to is the price. $100 is the standard that all MFi's have adopted, but considering the cost of PS4 & XBox One controllers being $50-$75... These are too similar to me to justify being charged an extra $25+.

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Dark_Blu says:

This controller can't come to market fast enough for me. my iOS devices are my gaming consoles!!

Sunofabob says:

Very nice. I still prefer the Game Loft approach to shooters with Brothers in Arms. This works for other games though.

asuperstarr says:

Nice controller. I would like to see a comparison of al the new controllers!

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iGeneration4 says:

Apple should release a game console. I think it might cost. Probably, $2,000. Lol anyways, there are a lot of controllers popping out so, why not?

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