Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad review

The Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad is beautiful and innovative. It has a soft, plush design. It's not leather but leather-like, but what I like most is the smart hand strap mounted on a swivel on the back. It rotates any which way you like, which makes it really easy to carry around.

Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad review

All the requisite camera, port, and button holes are there, plus the Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad has a handy loop for storing the stylus pen of your choice (not included).

Loading your iPad into the Us + U Simple Swivel Case is easy and velcro keeps it securely in place. If you want to type more easily, there's a built in kick stand as well. (unfortunately, it's landscape orientation only.)

One interesting aspect of the Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad is that part of the purchase price is donated to charity. It's not a huge amount, but every bit really does make a difference.

The good

  • Hand strap swivels 360 degrees for easy holding
  • Integrated kickstand allows for better typing angles
  • Loop makes it easy to store a stylus

The bad

  • Kickstand is landscape only
  • Hardware options mean slightly extra bulk


I highly recommend the Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad. They've really thought its design out well and it manages to pack a ton of features into a case that's still easy to carry around.

49.95 - Buy now

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Reader comments

Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad review


Actually, she put the iPad in upside down so when she spun the case around, none of the ports and openings lined up. So much for the little details....

The handstand is also quite good, it has all the features of the case you reviewed but without the leather like material which looks a bit cheap in my opinion. The way the hand stand works you can prop the iPad up in eight portrait or landscape mode. The only thing it's missing is the stylus holder. I'm a teacher and it has been my go to case for using my iPad around the classroom.