Simpson's Tapped Out adds waterfront property

Another bit of gaming goodness out of E3 was a fresh content patch for The Simpson's Tapped Out. The Waterfront update introduces a whole new range of buildings, decorations, quests, and characters. There are 30 new plots of land, so players can expand their own little versions of Springfield, and a new boardwalk section allows them to build out onto the water.

Though Tapped Out is a pretty standard collection-style game, complete with collecting cash, and XP, premium items, and completing quests, there's a ton of self-referential humor peppered throughout that makes it worth coming back time and again.

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Simpson's Tapped Out adds waterfront property


Looks good but sadly I gave up on this game after I lost everything within the game due to an EA problem and they never fixed it and never even replied to my countless emails I've send to them :(