Simpsons: Tapped out update brings Krustyland, theme park rides, new episodes, and more!

Simpsons: Tapped out updated: Krustyland now available with theme park rides and more!

Simpsons: Tapped Out fans will want to grab the latest update which includes the options to build and re-open Krustyland. After purchasing Krustyland and building it, you can add your own theme park rides, mascots, and more.

The updated to Tapped Out also brings new quests along with it for Krustyland including a new episode involving a romantic interest for Lisa. Theme park rides include the Death Drop, Tooth Picker, and more. In order to keep guests happy, you can watch the Krust-O-Meter. Keep it high and you will attract more visitors to your park.

For those that haven't played Tapped Out before, you're basically dropped in Springfield after Homer has caused a huge disaster that wiped out the entire town. You'll work with Lisa to rebuild it and find all the characters. Along the way you can collect donuts, cash, and XP in order to level up and gain access to new episodes and items to buy. You can check out our Simpsons: Tapped Out tips, tricks, and cheats guide to help if you're stuck or just getting started.

Tapped Out is an incredibly addicting game but if you aren't careful with how you spend your cash and donuts, it can also be an incredibly expensive game. For those that play Tapped Out, have you already purchased Krustyland?

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Reader comments

Simpsons: Tapped out update brings Krustyland, theme park rides, new episodes, and more!


Yes, started to build it. Love the game but wish there be a way to get some more stuff for it without paying real money for it. Still, it is a very nice game.

I could use some friends though ;) add me if you like. my name is "Singels"

You have buy the bus station. If you place it you can tap it to go to Krustyland.
Thanks for the add :)

Started Tapped Out and love the game so much, but could really use friends. My ID: airmarie15866. Thx to all