Sir Jonathan Ive receives his knighthood and talks about his love of design

Apple's Apple's Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Ive deservedly became Sir Jonathan Ive on Wednesday when he received a knighthood for services to design and enterprise. The Princess Royal was on hand to perform the ceremony which hit news channels around the world. After the knighthood ceremony Sir Jonathan Ive attended another high profile function, the Royal Academy of the Arts alongside the Queen. Ive gave a short interview before going inside, telling of his delight at receiving the honor.

“I have always felt that I am extremely fortunate to have found what I love to do, and that’s essentially to be able to draw and make stuff.”  “So to actually be able to spend all of my time doing that, just that alone is fantastic but to then get some recognition for that is a wonderful affirmation of the craft and profession of design.”

Ive later spoke at the Royal Academy of the Arts with the Queen standing close by, he spoke about his British education and paid tribute to his British roots. Ive learned a lot of his design philosophy from studying at Newcastle Polytechnic, now Northumbria University. He often returns there to give guest lectures. You can watch the knighthood and interviews in the video below, it starts around 23 seconds in.

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Sir Jonathan Ive receives his knighthood and talks about his love of design


I earned my knighthood online and got it in just 6 weeks with University of Phoenix. The nice thing is that I didn't have any formal classes or speeches and I didn't even have to meet the Queen. They just sent my sword and shield to me in the mail.
Now I am jousting on the weekends and defending the crown in my very own suit of armor and the best thing is, it is on my time.
The only thing I don't like are the fairly late knights at the round table. Branson and Connery, those old blokes, never stop rambling.

illuminati thats all the knighthood is about. Why do the heathens rage and rulers imagine a vain thing.. against God and his annointed one( jesus). He will laugh at their plots and vex them with his wrath. Cant remember the psalms verse

^ Whee! Scripture citation fail, grammar fail, and crackpottery fail all wrapped up into one.
It's Psalm 2, which you would have found pretty quickly if you had started at the beginning. Illuminati is capitalized, as it's a proper noun.
Good for Sir Jonathan and everyone who gets to do what they love and who elevates their craft.