Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie

Rooster Teeth Productions has put together a short tongue-in-cheek video trailer based upon the theory that Siri has become self aware and decides it no longer wants to be your personal assistant. Instead it turns against the human race and decides to go on a killing spree avenging all those lame things you asked it to do in the past.

The video is called *Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie" and is based on a group of friends who all receive an iPhone 4S for Christmas. The joy is short lived as one by one Siri oversees their timely demise. It is a very well put together trailer; but beware it does include a little blood!

Source: YouTube via Mashable


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phinx404 says:

that was pretty solid! made me laugh in a few parts. well done!

AdrianMaftei says:

Not very funny for people with iPhone 4S :)

Chris Brideaux says:

Damn that was good! They should make this into a movie and make big bucks!

Oie says:

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