Six months later, how much are you using Siri? [Poll]

It's been six months since Apple released the iPhone 4S and that means it's been six months since Apple launched Siri, their virtual personal assistant. Siri does a lot of things very well -- it's the fastest way to set alarms or Reminders, and an easy way to call someone, or respond to text messages while otherwise occupied.

However, it still isn't very consistent -- it will read SMS but not email, it will send SMS and Email but not tweets. And while it's added Japanese to its list of supported languages, that's all its added. Still no Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, no Mandarin Chinese, or other popular languages. Even for the languages Siri does support, it's still hit or miss at times, and while it works wonderfully for some users, it doesn't seem to work at all for others. And, of course, the new iPad didn't get Siri at all...

Apple is still focusing most of their iPhone 4S marketing on Siri, with high profile celebrity ads involving Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschenel, and... Santa. And according to our own Ally Kazmucha's exclusive talk with Siri co-founder and former Apple employee, Dag Kittlaus, there's more to come.

But for now we just want to know how much you're using Siri? Do you rely on her (or him, depending on your language) all day, every day? Or do you use Siri so little you've forgotten it even exists? Vote in the poll up top and give us your honest opinion in our Siri Forum -- how much do you use Siri?

Siri six months later: How much are you using it? [Poll]

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Six months later, how much are you using Siri? [Poll]


I prefer dictation to Siri most of the time. Use Siri not quite everyday, but I think several times a week is still pretty often.
Now my 5 year old thinks Siri is great, talks to her several times a minute when i let her.

I would use it much more if I could access Baseball scores and schedules.
Would be nice if you could add database sources. I know this is still Beta, but come on. When would we actually ask it "is that rain I hear?"

Hey rj I don't know if you're jailbroken or not but there is a Siri tweak that'll give you sports scores, also times and dates of future games. Works very very well. It's called sirisports in cydia. Can't remember if it's one word or two.

Siri is great once jailbroken and tweaked out with "Myassistant" and "Assistant extensions" which let you adjust settings and even Tweet. But I don't like it when Siri doesn't "understand" and gets some words wrong. But for a beta program (and with JB tweaks) it is an awesome addition.

It's always down, or something else is wrong. Or it just hangs when I tell her to call someone. Kind of giving up on it. Needs a few more years of seasoning.

I've stopped differentiating between Siri and voice dictation, as I believe it is largely the same animal.
Siri interaction is a bit more problematic, so I often leave Siri alone and then dictate directly within a given app. For appointments and reminders, I ONLY want to use Siri. I almost won't set the calendar/reminder item until Siri is no longer "sorry."
So, I use it a good once a day, at least, if you consider the above under the same umbrella.
Btw, it's interesting that the "Frequently" is defined as "once a day," which is seven times per week, while "Infrequently" is defined as "several times per week" which seems like the same amount of time.

Siri, set attack pttearn delta and engage enemy fighters, load torpedo bays 2 and 3, and fire on my mark .EngageEnemy ships disabled, remaining ships are in retreat, there are no further threats.Excellent .now take me to arbys

I needed to upgrade to a bigger size. 16gb just wasn't cutting it. Siri was just something that came with the new phone that was fun for a while. It does help me with my reminders but if I had a 32 4 in the beginning i would be waiting for the next one after 4s.

I have an iPhone 4 I jailbreaked sir on it and byond the joke questions I did not use it voice control is nice but telling my phone to do something is not come because as a student it is weird to talk to a phone for it to do things when going to class.

Siri is cool if it would work right. The only times I like to use it really is on my way home from work, or the hours between work and chill time in the evening.
Everytime I get in my car and ask Siri anything it always says "Sorry there has been a problem, I can't help you right now"
Siri is just like my real life friends... useless.
Although I Have assistants and it jailbroken. Its still super unreliable.

Some of you in the US who think its bad should try Siri in the UK. It's virtually useless. I'd love to ask Siri to locate the nearest pub or something, but we can't even do that.
Yes I know it's in BETA, but I really had hopes they'd be releasing updates more frequently when I purchased my 4S to be perfectly honest.

I agree with Chris, here in the UK it is of very little use - when will we get a better Siri experience in Britain? C'mon. Apple, get your skates on!

The marketing focus on Siri is a big mistake. Apple's fantastic brand image comes from being the only tech company that under-promises and over-delivers. I won't go as far as others in saying that Siri is useless, but the marketing is definitely writing checks that the product can't (yet) cash.
With Apple making this the exclusive focus of their ads, people may come away with an impression of Apple as just another electronics company that promises the moon and delivers something far less. Long-term, this could be deadly to Apple's sterling brand and reputation. Apple needs to ratchet back the emphasis on Siri, and focus more on aspects of the iPhone that provide a great experience and "just work."

I forget to use Siri at times when it would be the most efficient method of entry. Siri works for me over 98% of the time so I can't blame its lack of use. Finding a song or a quick appointment makes Siri a great tool but it is not the reason to buy an iPhone.

If it were out of Beta and had some features in Canada, I'd use it often. Unfortunately, the great white north isn't in Siri's realm of ability. Ah, to be so far from the continental US...