Siri turns up in The Simpsons causing trouble, how's it working for you?

If Apple's done something, there's a chance it'll be parodied at some point, and the latest is Siri which has turned up in Springfield for a cameo role in a new episode of The Simpsons. However, as you'll see in the video above, Siri doesn't come up with the goods.

It's all in jest, of course, and not the first time Siri has been poked fun at – remember the much more blue efforts starring a frustrated Scotsman? Siri has been evolving over the years to add more features, become more reliable, and isn't nearly the same product that launched a few years ago.

But, it does put the same question back in our heads; How is Siri working for you these days? iOS 7 brought yet more to the table, and personally speaking I can't say I've had nearly as many problems of late with voice recognition as perhaps once was. Are you seeing any frustrations you wish would just go away, or is all perfectly peachy for you? Drop us a line in the comments!

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Siri turns up in The Simpsons causing trouble, how's it working for you?


It's a daily pleasure. I trust her on setting pretty much all reminders as my wake up alarm. Yesterday night(it was 00.34am) I wanted to be reminded "to call mom tomorrow at 12 o clock" and she then actually asked me if I meant Monday 4th of November (technically today) or November 5th,which would be tomorrow indeed. That surprised me quite a bit. :)

the 3 main problems with Siri I find these days are: reliability ; speed ; accuracy

- reliability is untrustworthy and through the course of an average day Siri becomes unavailable for 20% of the day, so in a business/urgent situation I cannot risk trying.

- speed when asking any web based question is ridiculously slow to respond even when connected to my 80megabit wifi, and having to wear out my home button seems daft, it would be quicker a touch screen Siri button.

- accuracy at understanding what I say and providing the information I really need when it does understand me are both poor.

when compared to alternatives, notably google voice, Siri seems almost unusable !

i say 'almost' as it does do a grand job of setting my alarm for me ...
who knows, in years to come I have faith apple will be able to achieve much more ..

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What Pmjackso Pmjackso says. I live and work in a rural area so many times when I am driving down the road and I think of something I need to do, Siri just seems to sit and spin. I have to try and rely on voice memos and then hope that I can remember that I created one. When Siri is available, she doesn't seem to be able to understand me. So I end up having to correct her. I usually end up exasperated and either forgetting about the thought or once again creating a voice memo.

I find Siri to be pretty terrible. It is fairly accurate for me but the reliability is just awful. Even with a great WiFi connection it seems to fail almost as much as it works. I really want to like Siri but they have some serious work to do. Also, I truly hate the voice dictation. I do not understand why with all this power in my phone it cannot do local voice dictation. It is quite frustrating to speak an entire paragraph just to have Siri fail to translate it due to some unknown network problem. I would not have to worry about that if it was local. This is over a 50mb WiFi connection no more than 20 feet from my router. I love my iPhone but Apple has a lot of work to do on their services if they want to compete with Google.

Yeah I started using Siri a bunch but am getting tired of saying a long phrase and getting the "sorry I cant process this bullshit right now" response.

I would use approximately 8432% more if it had on-device voice processing. As it stands, it is unusually frustrating when out of perfect network coverage.

Yes, completely agree. I'd love to see most of the basic functions work without a connection. Things like setting reminders would be almost instantaneous.

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I use Siri every day to set reminders, alarms, Google things, and call people. When I'm out of internet range, it surprises me how long it takes to do these things. It is a bit slow, and sometimes it gives the “I'm really sorry about this” speech, but other than that, it's a real convenience. It would be cool if iOS 8 included basic offline tasks like Voice Control did.

I love Siri when she works. I get the network errors much too frequently to make her something I can rely on. It can be frustrating to recite a text and have it come back with an error. When she works, I think she's amazing. Sending texts, setting reminders, and putting something in my calendar are time savers (of course things fail frequently enough that I'm probably better off just typing things out myself). I love asking quick questions like what time is the game this weekend. The things she can answer is still much too narrow. It's frustrating when she comes back offering a web search. That means that I could have typed out my request the traditional way much quicker.

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I find it a bit ignoring they haven´t released Siri in more languages. I can´t really say how good it is before they release it for Norway.

I like Siri. I want to punch Siri in the face.
I use her mostly for setting timers and alarms, opening apps, getting information, message input, notes and reminders, stuff like that.
This is why I need dedicated on-board support independent of her current network tether.
The network lag KILLS me. EVERY time.
Half the time, lately, she apologizes and fails to assist me.
In my humble opinion, the lack of on device support makes her too slow, especially for on device function - opening apps, timers, getting weather.
If course, some Siri blunders are hilarious, like when my father-in-law messaged me that he was taking the shuttle home but Siri interpreted it as him taking the "sh** hole" home.
(I spilled my tea!)
Siri is nice... I'll be glad when she is really out of beta (:P)

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I don't really have any issues with Siri, but then again I don't use it very much. It still feels awkward to me, I don't like other people hearing what I'm doing so I prefer the keyboard in most situations. The main things I've used Siri for is finding restaurants when I'm travelling and setting reminders for things that pop into my head while driving. Siri is great at these.

Long story short, Siri is great for casual use but I can see where issues arrive it you try to depend on it more.

It's ok could be a lot better. Tells me she can't "take requests" at this time (or w/e she says when she can't figure something out) and the voice to txt could be a lot better too. I feel I have to speak each word by itself slowly and not in my own voice. They prided in not needing to do that but when I don't it puts words that's aren't close or leaves out words. It def needs better fixing than sports n stuff like that.

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downloaded IOS 7 into my iphone 5 when it first became available and siri has slowed down to a crawl. I am extremely upset about this. It is just taking to long to respond to be useful. Was told I can no longer go back to 6.1.3 now looking towards an HTC ONE.

"It's all in jest, of course, and not the first time Siri has been poked fun at – remember the much more blue efforts starring a frustrated Scotsman?"

Ah, actually, no, I never heard of that--do you have a link?

I make do with Siri depending on the task I'm trying to perform. For instance: using her for reminders was cool at first but less useful when I switched to Any.Do, but now that reminders sync with Fantastical she is back in play.

One problem: because Siri needs a really good internet connection to work she is still useless a good portion of the time. With Siri I think Apple is in the exact reverse situation it was in years ago when they introduced the iPhone: the iPhone's screen and software was so good it made me think I was manipulating real things behind the glass because it was so fast and responsive. Siri makes me feel like I have a personal assistant in a call center 1,000 miles away and we're talking over a crappy connection. Over Bluetooth.

Worst thing ever! the few times I have tried using Siri I end up Googling myself what I need to find. Actually the Simpsons episode is 100% accurate with how Siri works for me.