Skype 5.0 released for iPhone with new look and improvements

skype 5.0 iphone

The new 5.0 version of Skype is now available to download for iPhone devices, after being announced by Microsoft earlier this week. This update revamps its user interface so it looks more like its Windows Phone and Android counterparts.

Microsoft claims that in addition to the UI update, Skype 5.0 for the iPhone should load and perform five times faster than the previous version. Switching from different sections from the app, from contacts to conversations for example, should also be a smoother experience with this version.

Group chats can now begin at the hub in this update, plus messages sent to offline contacts will be seen by their recipients when they get back online. Finally, messages will now sync up and be marked as read on the iPhone if you are chatting with another Skype client, even if it is on a different platform. There's no word on when this update will make its way to the iPad version.

Download - Skype 5.0 for iPhone


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There are 37 comments. Add yours.

BoxOfSnoo says:

Does it still destroy battery life? That's the big change we need.

leocapot says:

It doesn't let me update. It says "The item you tried to buy is no longer available". I wonder why...

rob1974 says:

And thanks to that the red update icon will not go away.

timcold says:

The same case with me.

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Ruce_R says:

Same here

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Frank Cavaliero says:

I am seeing the same error message when I try to update as well

PeekyChew says:

Delete the app and reinstall it. That's the only way to get it working.

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bhmbill says:

That doesn't work either.

patrickak says:

It won't work either

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SockRolid says:

Same problem here. And App Store puts up the "Cannot connect to App Store" alert on the Features page.

But the iMore app downloaded just fine!

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Palmlag says:

Delete your old app and download the new app.

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darkoman4 says:

Skype has been taken of the appstore. I don't know if they had some bugs with the new version or some other technical problem.

ibrahim_7i says:

Its the same here its not available

Rolf Hed says:

Ugh, Skype... :-/ Another example of a "good idea gone Microsoft"...

rdubmu says:

It says item no longer able to buy, can't update it :(

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Yptcn says:

Same for me . It shows up on iPhone and iTunes but won't install

zebulun12 says:

I see I'm not the only one that is having this download problem

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Lt_Solorna says:

It showed up in a search of the App Store but still is saying unable to purchase, so I can't update it.

timcold says:

Just delete the app and reinstall

luimende says:

This worked for me, uninstall and reinstall. it's an all new app, I don't know why it doesn't get cross referenced.

zuntax says:

Same problem... Lol
"the item you try to buy is no longer available"

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naturalbboy says:

When are they going to fix Skype for Mac so that it doesn't jack up the CPU usage up to 120+%?!?!?! Smh microstale

zuntax says:

Delete and reinstall... Works.

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metreece says:

Deleting old app and loading again worked.

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Lt_Solorna says:

I don't know why we have to delete the app to update it, but at-least it works now.

1jaxstate1 says:

They took away voicemail support!! How do I downgrade! How the hell is this an upgrade.

medicchop28 says:

Not sure what is wrong with it but uninstall, reinstall worked for me as well.

Rolandh says:

Says The item you tried to buy is no longer available, never had it installed before.

Lt_Solorna says:

Well, that's a weird new one.

zuntax says:

privacy settings missing!!!
- control who can contact you on Skype
Allow anyone to contact me
Only allow people in my Contact list to contact me.

Big minus!!!!

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OMMBoy says:

Yeah, but will calling non-Skype users be more reliable? I've noticed over the past several months that the call quality and reliability has dropped significantly -- where I was once able to make a call to family and friends overseas without any problems, I now experience multiple disconnects within a 10-15 minute window.

PeekyChew says:

Being one of the few who seems to be able o actually install the update, I can tell you all you aren't missing out.

Having to swipe between screens like in WP8 makes it much slower than the old version, and it's just very unintuitive and badly designed overall. It doesn't even load messages you've sent in the past, showing empty screens on every contact.

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ridge53 says:

Can't download. Trying it for a couple of hrs.

Gsarfin says:

Can't download, and with people saying features are missing, that's probably a good thing. Microsoft blows

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photyograph says:

it looks like skype for android, not a really big fan of it, but we'll see

jayzero76 says:

can't send any pictures or delete contacts what a mess is that app