Skype to discontinue support for older versions of Mac client


Skype announced in a blog post today that older versions of its desktop client for Mac will be discontinued "over the next few months." The change is said to facilitate feature compatibility across different clients and ensure that new additions, like the ability to send messages to offline contacts, are available to a broader category of users.

As such, Skype will discontinue support for version 6.14 and below over the coming months. If you're on a version that is being retired, you can go ahead and download the latest version of Skype for Mac (6.18) from the official website.

The change is only being carried out for desktop versions and will not affect Skype for iPhone, which recently received an update that brought on a revamped user interface and feature enhancements. Another minor update earlier this week gave users the ability to edit messages after they're sent.

Do you use Skype for Mac regularly? What are your thoughts on the new features that have been added to the service?

Source: Skype

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Reader comments

Skype to discontinue support for older versions of Mac client


Developers can only support older versions of their software for so long. Why waste energy on support when like 90%+ use one of the latest versions? It's a waste of time and hinders development and support for the majority who do bother to keep up-to-date.

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I hardly ever use my PPC G4 these days anyways though being able to skype on it will be missed.

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What's the minimum OS required for current versions of Skype? In my experience, cross-platform developers are rather unreasonable in their requirements for up-to-date versions of OS X.

There was one app I used back in the day that on the day Jag came out, they introduced a new version that had several features people had been asking for, features to make it equal to the Winders version.

The day Jag came out, mind you, back when OS X cost $129 to get a new version. The new version was an x.x.1 release, and it added those little features, fixed a bug that would crash the whole app, and required Jaguar.


I mean, I bought Jag the day it came out, but it still doesn't change the fact... Buttheads.

Just like I thought.

The versions that they're leaving in operation are for the last couple of versions of OS X. Give 'em a few months and you'll have to have at least Mavericks.

They'll of course support windows all the way back to gorram XP.