Skype group video calling goes free on Mac, Windows and Xbox One

Skype for Mac

Skype has today announced that group video calling will be available to everyone for free. Whether you're wanting to chat away with friends about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or collaborating with employees, it's now easier (and cheaper) to get started with Microsoft's communication platform. The company has removed the premium tag for group video calling on the Xbox One, Windows and Mac platforms.

Video calling through Skype was usually between two contacts, while groups had to fork out for a premium video call option. Fear not if you're worried that Windows Phone, iOS and Android haven't received similar love as the team notes they'll be looking to roll out similar updates in the future to enable free video calling for more consumers.

Source: Skype

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Skype group video calling goes free on Mac, Windows and Xbox One


It was about time, it wasn't making much sense having to pay for group video calling when other services offers it for free and work as good if not better.

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