Slice for iPhone can track price drops, incoming packages, product recalls, and more

Slice for iPhone can track price drops, incoming packages, product recalls, and more

If you do a lot of online shopping, Slice can manage all your purchases for you like never before. Not only can Slice track and alert you of incoming shipments, it can also monitor things you've recently purchased and let you know of price drops and product recalls.

Upon launching Slice you're asking to sign in with an existing account you have or to create a Slice account. You can the start adding your email address accounts and Slice will start scouring for purchases. It can pull in orders from pretty much any digital receipt you have in your inbox or filed away in a folder somewhere. In less than 10 minutes, Slice found a year's worth of purchases in my account and was still actively finding more.

The unique thing about Slice over other purchase tracker apps is that there's very little effort involved on your part. Slice will alert you if a popular merchant you've purchased something from has a price drop you're eligible for. Since Slice maintains virtual copies of all your receipts, if you lose track of something such as a Groupon purchase, it's quick and easy to look it up again.

If you happen try slice out, let us know what your experience has been. Are you hesitant to let a third party service look through your emails for receipts? I think that will be a deal breaker to many people, but unfortunately, giving a service access to that data is the only way to completely automate the process. Let us know you think in the comments!

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Slice for iPhone can track price drops, incoming packages, product recalls, and more


I've been using Slice for at least a year, and it's the most amazing tracking app I've found! It even alerts you to product recalls on items you've purchased...

I use *Deliveries* as well, but everything has to be entered manually. I use that on my ipad, since unfortunately Slice is not universal, and is just for iPhone.

I've been using Slice for about a year. For the shipments it recognizes, it's a great resource. However, sometimes it misses a purchase and there's no easy way to add it. I am not sure how well the price drop works because I have never been notified of any. So either I'm a great shopper and there haven't been any price drops or the service does not work.

Woow this sound really good. Because I'm still waiting on two packages that I ordered last month so this is a maybe. Thanks iMore

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I used Slice for almost two years, started using it when it was called 'Project Slice'. Really liked the tracking and the overview of online spending patterns.

However, in the nearly two years, I did not receive a single price drop notification. Maybe nothing dropped in price within the merchant's price drop duration. I somehow find that hard to believe.

I deleted my account mainly because of Amazon Prime and because I live about 100 miles form one the biggest Amazon distribution centers my packages are delivered overnight.

Using it this shopping week and it has been good about notifying me when my items ship and when they are delivered. I am a little unsure of how long the price drop section actually works, it appears to be for 14 days only. One item that I own did have a price drop and it is still not reflected in the app even though it has been 4 days since the drop (my item shows that it's being monitored). I really like that it shows me where I'm spending my money and that I get to change the pictures and prices for items to reflect what I actually paid for them. For instance it had me paying $299 for an iPad and it was actually a warranty replacement so I could decrease my actual spending because I could change the price to zero and make notes clarifying that. Good little app. It even allows you to search for a picture to more accurately reflect what you purchased if you don't like the picture that they have within the app. The fact that you search within app and you don't have to go out and download it is really nice (though adding that as an option would be nice) . Hope that they add more companies that let them track price drops. I like having a central location to find my purchases and shipments. Stops me from checking my email like a fiend to see if an item has shipped. I rest easy knowing that Slice has that covered for me!