SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone!

WWDC hasn't even started yet and the news is already getting crazy. Sling Media, the creator of the Slingbox, is developing an iPhone version of SlingPlayer Mobile that'll allow your iPhone to stream media via your Slingbox.

For those who don't know, Slingbox is a TV streaming device that allows users full control of your TV set at home through the internet. It's basically a combination of technological prowess and fairy dust that enables this VERY sweet product to "just work". Meaning if you're a Dodgers Fan on a business trip in the East Coast, you can watch their games as if you were in your own living room. If you saved the season finale of Lost to your PVR, you can watch that too. 

Now that convenience is coming to your iPhone. Which is fitting since SlingPlayer Mobile has been available for WinMob, Palm, and Symbian for some time now and we all know none of those platforms offer a screen quite like the iPhone. Though it's still very, very early in development, Sling has a proof-of-concept version of SlingPlayer Mobile running on jailbroken iPhones.

SlingMedia will also be holding live demonstrations of SlingPlayer Mobile on the iPhone and iPod Touch for those attending WWDC. Their Product Manager Vicky Shum will be at the Starbucks at 120 4th Street, San Francisco (across from the Metreon) between 10am and 4pm Pacific Time on Monday, June 9th. The demo is open to everybody, so if you're in the bay area for WWDC feel free to check it out!

Thanks MegaZone for the tip and Rob for the heads up!

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Reader comments

SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone!


I can't wait for this...I was very sorry to let my slingbox go from my WM device.
However, now I'm sure I'll only get about 30 minutes out of my iPhone 3G... my battery life has been horrible.

battery? I'm posting this from my 3g right now. Have charged the phone 3 times and have been using it non stop. I can't wait for the sling player to be ready. It'll be the last great addition for my phone. Minus the flash player of course.

I just called Slingmedia Technical suppport. The lady that answered said that "there is no mobile support for the iPhone" I told her that there should be but she was not helpful and told me to email their Technical people..
I have the iPhone 3g and this will definetly be worth it if this will happen.

Fuck you sling media... I bought your goddamn box because you keep claiming that you will have an Iphone player out soon, but it just keeps NOT coming.

Dude - Austin chill! Or rather, get angry at the 'right' people. Blame Jobs and iphone. Sling had a prrof of conecpt player for almost a year and iphone wont allow the app. It's the SINGLE thing that's kept me from buying an iphone this whole time - I use my Sling player on my Sprint PPC 6700 all the time. This is what happens with proprietary software like Apple's - any Windows mobile device can have software written for it. But iphone has to 'approve' it. I know - bummer.