Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone Goes 3G in App Store!

Slingplayer Mobile

Slingplayer Mobile [$29.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone has just hit version 1.2 and the single-line update says it all -- 3G streaming enabled.

And it seems to be in App Stores outside the US and beyond AT&T. (If it's not in your App Store, let us know.)

It was a long time and a lot of controversy coming, but it's here, so go get it and let us know how it's working for you!

[Thanks to Scott for the head's up!]

Rene Ritchie

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There are 26 comments. Add yours.

OneOfDaKine says:

Just Download It. Great Streaming Over 3G. From Hawaii

Jar says:

So far so good. Its the same quality just as it was with my jailbroken iphone with 3G unrestrictor .One more less worry about jailbraking in the future!

JNGold says:

On day I undo my Jailbreak because of severe battery drain, Apple releases the 3G version of the Sling Client. Things are just breakin' my way! :)

dmackdaddy says:

I wonder if this legit 1.2 version will stream over 3G at the same speed/quality as the 1.1 version does on a jail broken iPhone with 3G Unristrictor?

Mist1 says:

The wave has started. A couple of days ago the Sky Mobile app had an update to allow streaming over 3G.

PM says:

YES, I come from Luxemburg, AND just installed version 1.2 ;-)
Let's test it ...

Varche says:

It's not in the Japan app store.

theseventhangel says:

A version has arrived here in the UK, however it is Version 1.3 and does not work on 3G. Sling player logs in OK without the WiFi prompt, but then states an internet connection is needed. Not sure if this is a 3G crippled version for the United Kingdom market.

Buk says:

It's not available in the Thailand Store.

jtz5 says:

Question for SB users...does it really matter, video quality wise, what cable I use to connect the Slingbox to my AT&T DVR (i.e., component, composite, S video, etc.)? Thanks.

ArtVandelay says:

It doesnt matter what caoble you use , when you watch it on iPhone. But of course the HDMI cable helps the resolution when it comes to watching sling media over your iMac/PC/other TV.....

Wyatt says:

Now I finally have a reason to purchase a Sling Box and this app. That WiFi only version was just ridiculous and not worth the price.

cava2208 says:

I have been waiting for the 3G version of this since I purchased the Slingbox last summer. The new 3G version looks exactly the same as it does on Wi-Fi. Works great.
I have my DirecTV DVR & ROKU Player hooked up to my Slingbox Pro HD. Can stream everything from both devices ,including Netflix!
My only problem is now I am becoming even less useful at work as I have had it on all morning streaming over 3G......

jay0heavenly says:

been watching over 3G since the day this app came out...thanks jailbreak. I updated just because, in case there were some other incremental upgrades to the app.

ChrisJ says:

I wait. Santa bring me sling for my box phone... yes? oh santa, how do i ever thank you. mightly sling load and tv comes to ears like diamond. i love how phone goes to sleep and tv is on for dinner. like transformation for my childhood. apple do right by us this time down.

glopezur says:

Not available in Colombian Store

jtz5 says:

OK, just bought a SB Solo on eBay for $107. Nice discount.
Another Slingcatcher really worth it or is it just as easy to plug my Macbook into TV inputs and use remote app like Air Mouse to view on a remote TV (like in another house/hotel room)?

Scott says:

Buy the slingcatcher. Def worth it

BB says:

Not available in HK, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, New Zealand ....

Catalin says:

I am looking forward to see this app on the iPad. Indeed it is not available world wide at the moment. You can see a demo of how to setup a SlingBox here:
Professional Streaming Consultant

Fred says:

The app is not available in singapore. I have a slingbox here but can't download the app in US app store.

Fred says:

Still no slingbox app in the singapore app store...

Ahmed Ibrahim says:

Not available in Singapore also :-(

Mohamed says:

Not available in Singapore and can we get it?